NBA 2K18: How To Level Up Faster And Earn Virtual Currency

Have you ever considered how to level up as quickly as possible and stash away Virtual Currency? Virtual Currency is quite matter to every step in the game, that’s why players need to know some useful tricks and ways to get more Virtual Currency. Today, we will tell to you some NBA 2K18 tips, and how to level up faster and earn Virtual Currency. For more updates, latest news, images, reference from here.

First Of All, Let’s Take A Look At This Following Video

Earn Virtual Currency In MyLeague
After you’ve explored the game’s different modes, don’t hesitate to try MyLeague. This mode has always provided a very easy way to stack smaller amounts of Virtual Currency. Instead of having you play every game, NBA 2K18 lets you simulate games in the mode for a better experience.


Download My NBA2K To Earn Virtual Currency
The more Virtual Currency you have, the better position you’re in to buy the most expensive character upgrades and cosmetic items when they finally become available to you. If you’re really dedicated to earning as much VC as you possibly can, download the My NBA2K app for iPhone and Android.

Practice Free Throws
MyCareer, Pro-Am and The Playground may look different in NBA 2K18, but their fundamental premise is the same. Keep an eye on your in-game phone for invites to workout sessions on your MyPlayer’s off days. When you’re not practicing with your team, take some time to train your MyPlayer in The Neighborhood’s gym.

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