MU Legend: New Player’s Problems And Guides

New Player said:” Some days ago I have started to play MU Legend ( I was playing a lot of old MU as well ). So far it looks great, but for new player it’s really hard to understand what/when to do and how it works, cause I don’t have friends who are playing this game and can teach me all the stuff. So far I was doing all the quests, now is 65th level (61 soul level) + 62k CP War Mage. Soul box = 30 into Health and 30 into Crit Rate.”Image resultHe raised some questions, one of which is,” how should I upgrade my gear. Should I buy ancient set for Broker that has zen sub stats and farm Zen in LVS?” Yes, get zen find gear to farm some cash from mythic runs and daily vaults, also try to note good stats on the zen find gear, cdr is something you want for speeding up the runs. put goblin gem on those gears and imprint more zen find on them as well.

” Wings Everyone receives Wings on 65 level, As I understand I CAN invest into them and grow them to new levels?” The solution is that you level up wings from endless tower daily, and also you can buy those grow stones with fighter tokens you get from 3v3 matches. There is no other wings than the ones you get from level 65 quest currently, wing costume can be helpful to get tho.

Another question is,” Should I start growing Pets and Artifacts?” And how to do it ” it’s easy, pets you can get from fab rice garden daily dungeon (kobold and larva) which are kinda bad for everything except getting the hp max, if you want a real pet you sadly need to use redden to buy one from legend shop, get one that has attack, the other stat is little to no importance. To raise tier of pet you just combine level 10 pet of tier x to another level 10 pet of tier x, so get those larva’s and kobolds to tier up your main pet, tier max is 5 so it will take a while to get there.

Artifacts you get from doing lupa’s labyrinth in duty room. Get frenzy or rainbow to start with, which ever you prefer more. Should be relatively easy task to level it to 20th level, after that it can get bit harder. Once you can do 41 labyrinth well, you can start making artifacts into alchemy for sage stones that you want for class gems. If you lack MU Legend Zen, then you can choose U4GM, it will provide you with cheap MU Legend Zen and useful guidance.

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