“LOL”: “League Legends” Jungler supported gold traffic barrier ‘overhaul’ for the fourth quarter

Morello, lead to “designer Champions League, said:” The significant fixed jungles and support cash flow, as well as wards and map the visual system are “must have”, “Heroes Union” in the fourth quarter. However, while addressing the jungle and support cash flow, Morello warnings, to solve these problems, could “probably thrown into a tailspin preseason balanced.”

Morello’s “Legend” to support the plight of the players union have empathy, said support cash flow suffering due to a considerable amount of gold, support flower resist maps to provide their ally vision. Morello also cited other problems like a snowball, “Ward making some really interesting opportunities” and “a few people involved in the vision of the game.” Morello did not provide any details, but that the proposed changes “pointed to the need to wait.”Here to supply Buy FFXIV Gil

Xelnath, “Heroes Union” system designers, these functions have been “in the past 3-4 months’ work, and has been a” huge efforts, data collection, testing and general play mad scientist. ”

Two junglers and support “Heroes Union” dilemma focus is encouraging. Under normal circumstances, support and junglers expectations and beyond: the ganking, resist, healing, help, while also keeping in leveling and project upgrade process. Many times, these expectations are unreasonable, even slightly failures, such as death, gank failure or running out of money, wards, may cause anger in his teammates for their support and junglers reception. It is unfair to those who mean junglers and support the view. “Heroes Union” has been suffering from these problems for a long time.

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