Invisibility Potions

Invisibility Potions
Hi, I love your blog and thought I could share a tip.
I haven’t seen any posts anywhere about people doing this and I am the only one in the market atm on my server, here goes.
I have been having a lot of success with Invisibility potion, the pattern is a drop, easily found on Auction House.
The mats are 1x ghost mushroom + 1x sungrass. Both can be easily farmed next to each other, thousand needles for sungrass and in ungoro crater at fungal rock for the ghost mushroom. In around 10 minutes had a stack of each
I have been able to sell alot of pots @ 100g+ ea.. due to people using them in dungeons to better their challenge mode times. I can only see these becoming more popular as more people find out about them.
Carl aka Danava
Thanks Carl. Invisibility Potion is one of the few expensive potions that I sell. The others that sell for consistently good prices are Elixir of Giant Growth, Pygmy Oil, Ethereal Oil, Potion of Illusion, Deepstone Oil, and Darkwater Potion. These are all alchemist recipes which have a constant demand due to their unusual effects.
The Elixir of Giant Growth and Deepstone Oil potions especially sell well together, if you can put together a good sales pitch for trade chat. Innuendos abound. I shan’t repeat them here in case readers have delicate dispositions!
Darkwater Potion is the newest potion to be added to the list. The materials are 3 Desecrated Oil per potion. 2 Desecrated Oil are made by alchemists with 3 Spinefish. Spinefish can be caught by anglers, with the highest drop rate in Kun-lai Summit Spinefish Schools at Firebough Nook and Inkgill Mere (also Dread Waste’s Lake of Stars and Rikkitun Village).

Invisibility Potion Effects
Invisibility Potion makes the drinker invisible for 18 seconds. Opening chests, attacking, shifting forms, or taking damage will break invisibility. It is made by Alchemists with a skill level of 235.
I wonder if you can be an invisible Jinyu Assassin with Giant Growth? Anyone tried it? 

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