Hearthstone legend battle mode will be similar to WOW

Recently, Blizzard’s Warcraft theme cards new the to swim Hearthstone legend development team mentioned in the interview about the game play and improved direction.

It is understood that the game has not been the dust has settled, but the development team is trying to Hearthstone legend and World of Warcraft together to do some promotional activities. Platform game data synchronization may be added in the future, it should be shortly after the release of WOW Gold. Players can now friends system through battle net Concerned about the game players being Hearthstone legendary.

Game content, the development team revealed that each license heap card number 30, down from 60. Each career fighting will and career similar to World of Warcraft, WOW and Warcraft series of games, including the spell effect. May join other professions in the future, but developers can now focus more on improving the original occupational.

Finally, also said that the game is very easy to use, even for those who have never played the card game or World of Warcraft players, but at the same time there are good mining degree, so even if the card game veterans will have its uses. 

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