Healadin Newest Guide

Talents and Glyphs
As a healadin, you will be spending the majority of your talent points in the Holy tree. You need to do this to gain some serious healing ability, including the level 31 talent Holy Shock. This little gem gives you your only instant healing spell. It comes at a high mana price but can give you enough time if used correctly to get a big heal off right after it, instead of chain casting smaller heals.

Probably the most important talent is the 51 point talent Beacon of Light, which turns the target into a beacon for all healing that the Paladin does within 60 yards of him. This means that any time you heal anyone you heal within 60 yards of the beacon, the beacon also receives the full effect of the heal. This provides you with a solid multi-target heal, especially when the beaconed target is the tank.

There are several other critical talents in the Holy tree for a Healadin such as Spiritual Focus (70% chance to not lose casting time when hit), Illumination (critical heals return 30% of the base mana cost of the spell), and Divine Favor (next heal is a critical one, 2 minute cool down). There are also many others that are important, such as increased intelligence, increased critical chance on holy spells, and a reduction to cast time, but the first 3 are your core.

This is the Healadin Build I use when speccing Holy – Healadin Build. It has proven itself over and over again in the level 80 instances and raids. It dips into the protection tree to pick up even more healing power with Divinity (+5% healing) and a situationally awesome ability called Divine Sacrifice. Divine Sacrifice allows you to absorb some of the damage incoming to the group and transfer it to you.

While there are a number of decent Glyphs for a Holy Paladin the ones I suggest are based on raid usefulness. Therefore the greater glyphs I believe you should use are:

Glyph of Seal of Wisdom – Reduces all of your healing spells’ mana cost by 5%. This is a can not go without glyph as it allows you to cast more heals over time. 5% may not sound like a lot, but it sure adds up.

Glyph of Beacon of Light – Increases Beacon of Light’s duration by 30 seconds to 90 seconds. Having to cast this spell less often means less chance that it will not be up when you need it.

Glyph of Holy Shock – Reduces cooldown by 1 second. This may not sound like a whole ton but it takes it from 6 to 5 seconds, which can make a a big difference on certain fights when you need it. 

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