Guild Wars 2 tumble fighting make fighting more diversity

Guild Wars 2 to create a formula into a the battle roll-dodge function, regardless of whether the player in a state of war, can be in all directions, tumbling. This feature may seem relatively simple, but thanks to Guild Wars 2 and a half the lock battle mode, roll players battle to escape the attack of Guild Wars 2 Gold, and to occupy a favorable terrain for their own follow-up attack, and players to play against, the role of greater. When the enemy began to cast attack skills, you can use the tumbling rapidly leave the line of sight of each other even tumbling to the enemy behind, quickly attack the enemy by surprise. It can be said that the roll-dodge function of the Guild Wars 2 combat more realistic players to experience the thrill of battle and reality is no different, and highlight the competitive charm.

10 skills seem a small number, but it contains great wisdom, derived up to hundreds of changes, so that you both can combine a variety of skills to fight, they can get rid of a number of skills too much difficult to choose trouble. In battle, you can enjoy Paowei operation, do not have the skills to be too concerned about, can focus observation on each other’s moves, and thus make their own for the first time began to fight back.

It comes to the combination of vocational skills, many people tend to think about the skills cast the order as well as combos chance to trigger, but the Guild Wars 2 break the routine, vocational skills are not static, but by fighting the environmental impact can be combination. Skills portfolio includes two important parts: Start technology and finishing moves. Technology to establish the combination, starting and finishing moves to end. Almost all weapons have a similar set of starting techniques and finishing moves, regardless of what kind of career to choose which skills the explorers will have the opportunity to find and launch combos. 

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