Guild Wars 2 focuses on breaking that old stereotypeGuild Wars 2 focuses on breaking that old stereotype

Guild Wars 2 goes way beyond all other MMOs in this area of multi-player, though. In other games, you are forced to belong to a strong guild or else hunt for groups of strangers to play with if you want to tackle some of the more difficult quests or challenging bosses in the game. No so in Guild Wars 2! Because of the nature of the game’s dynamic event system, all a player has to do in order to take part in epic events is simply wander up and start participating. There is no need to ‘party up’ with other players, there’s no competition for kills or loot, and no need to have to get your character build approved by some obnoxious twelve-year-old before you join in the fun. If you see exciting events happening around you, all you have to do is just run up and get involved in guild wars gold!
Guild Wars 2, once again, focuses on breaking that old stereotype and taking it in a fresh, new direction. Classes now have a much more limited selection of skills, but there is still a lot of potential for making your character unique. Skills are now primarily associated with weapons. If your character can swing a greatsword, then that weapon will provide you with five different skills to use in combat. The fascinating thing is, though, that if a different class uses that same weapon, it will have five completely different skills for guild wars powerleveling! A Ranger may use a greatsword to take on the spirit of an eagle and sweep into combat from a long way away, while a Mesmer may cause a greatsword to float between her outstretched arms and fire a purple laser beam at range! The weapons you choose determine what your character’s first five skills will be. In addition to that, you get to pick one (out of several) healing skill, three (out of dozens) utility skills, and one (out of several) elite skill. Your class – and to some degree, your race – determines which skills you have available to choose from. 

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