Gem upgrade dye down weapons punch suspected only 1 time

5.1 the black prince orange wu task line with WOW Gold? If you are fast enough words, this week can get P2 quest rewards: 550 attribute gem refining terrorist crystallization (replace 5.0 gem) and one for dyeing down weapons punch prop black kind eyes. So, in 6000 the courage point after the task?
Mission: at night

“Night” require players to kill in 5.1 the new reputation reputation faction commander “generalissimo double braided” and “blood handle nazim”.

The two NPC is not soft persimmon, from the task description, we can see the black prince suggested players the team headed for.

Mission: lions roar (alliance)/glory belongs to the tribe (h)

This task requires players to win new battlefield Curtis MOP the ancient temples and ground silver vein each a, this is also the first time in the legend of PVP, task.

Mission: Wolf call (alliance)/tribe soul (h)

This task is 5.1 version of the final task, with black prince dialogue for quest rewards kind black eye. It is said that this item can only get a times, so please be sure to consider to use in which weapon it oh.

In addition to a task about 5.2 line guidance task the king of thunder and lightning, from the task description can also see that praise dara troll with the ancient founding emperor LeiWang players together to the challenge, and black prince will also participating in them. 

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