Final Fantasy XIV DEV Commenting on the new server and access restrictions

Final Fantasy XIV
Re-launch the long-awaited Final Fantasy XIV have been going very well, it is no secret. In fact, the server is taking such a beating, Square Enix has temporarily closed the online sales of the game. Despite the current difficulties of the game, the FFIXV team hope the fans know that it is working overtime to get things running smoothly.

In a lengthy forum post, producer and director Naoki Yoshida (aka Kat P) outlines the measures taken to stabilize the FFXIV game world. Yoshida pointed out that now all the Final Fantasy XIV server login restrictions to prevent flooding caused them to crash logs and logs. Login restrictions are most likely to be implemented during peak periods, Yoshida said, between 9:00 pm and midnight. Each server can support a theoretical maximum of 5000 concurrent players.

Character Creation restrictions have also been implemented;, Yoshida explained, although it is designed for a world where every player has multiple characters, they can not deal with all these characters online once in the same place (ie the starting area). Until the player level, and spread throughout the world, the character limit will be necessary. FFXIV team for 24-hour monitoring to ensure that the need to make changes.

Square Enix company’s process of adding new servers to accommodate new players; hardware is in place, but needs further testing before it can go live. According to Yoshida, players flocked to the game a little more enthusiastically than expected, more than 218,000 peak concurrent users.

Finally, Yoshida answer AFK players concerned. He explained that, Square Enix company is aware of the Final Fantasy XIV (player left idle characters, rather than risking not log in, thus preventing other players log), and is considering solutions idling problems, but mainly concentrated in the accession to the World.

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