Discussion on the WoW Great Item Squishing

Blizzard has pointed out that it is time to rein things in, before our screens are full of numbers and the game becomes too inflated with stats. There are two methodologies they are able to use. The first is to crunch all of the numbers in on WoW great item squishing and the other is to, rather than dealing 4 million damage, do 4 mega damage. Both are valid options, but neither are good ones.

Ideas and Solutions of the Great Item Squishing

If we squish all the item level down then everyone will not be as cool as before, actually squishing the cool right out of them. Of course, we’d all be doing the same percentage, but the numbers will feel like back to the Burning Crusade days vs. being the terrible captains of amazing we are today. There will be no Gods in WoW when they crit and it’ll be a little heartsick. On the other side, mega damage gets to the same result, just taking another path.

If we leave things the way they are at present, as you can see above, the stats are nothing but going to keep getting much more ridiculous. This has many bad things with it. Thus, using any ways to fix it is a wonderful thing because at least we can possibly think out what our damage is. However, if we lower what our damage numbers are (even if we still do the same percentage of damage to monsters) then we will probably get angry, disappointed, and probably throw our shoe at our monitors. WoW great item squishing is just going to want out and out nerf while mega damage is like doing 2 “cool” damage rather than 20,323,511 damage.

What we should do to avoid this situation? Maybe we can pull a Cataclysm styled revamp of the entire combat system. The only reason people are going to feel as if they are nerfed is if they are doing combat the same way they have for ages. So why don’t we change combat? Or let us change the numbers. Also, we can use a new system instead of the present system which lets us charge physical attacks. Although it is small for the numbers, however, there is a direct mechanical way to make the number higher which satisfies that big number crave and would solve the problem of melee losing DPS while having to move away from bosses in World of Warcraft. 

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