Diablo PVP skills choose basic train of thought

If we look at the diablo ii PVP, we will find that people skills choice is not necessarily choose the highest damage with Diablo 3 Gold, also is not necessarily choose attack rate the fastest. Then choose how to train of thought? I come by to analyze
Mobility skills

For any characters, mobile skills (or item of the skill) basic is will choose skills, such as Teleport and charge, bb running speed passive; A mystery why so fire, why dru, nec, asn, bar can turn over… Why the amazon style no longer, this is the ability of the movement and change, because, first of all to damage can play to others, at the same time to win, so want to avoid, attack, no doubt, high speed mobile is the most effective way. And Pal, was so full, because that can be TP and sprint, become mobile ability after the character.

Damage skills

Damage skills choice to actually not only is the highest damage attack rate the fastest, damage skills choice is a kind of comprehensive considerations:

1. Can effectively play to each other. Damage to high, playing less than others so also no use, so the choice of skills should be easy to cause damage. Popular mainly three types: a. tracking skills, such as the amazon on behalf of the guidance of arrows, nec bone elves; B. The range of the amazon skills of multiple arrows, nec’s nova, mage blizzard, Pal of bh c. The third type of attack rate fast or to control or control others, such as BB WW, WW without any control, Pal’s smite can stun others, asn with the MB damage can stun opponent.

2. To ensure that he retreats, most remote attack skills can through the Hit&run way to attack, such as playing a few arrow out, immediately return to a safe location, in addition to a very easy skill is trap skill, release the trap, you can after how far how far, or ran ran traps.

3. Can cause damage, effective in d3 because there is no any damage can be immune to d3, so, it is to ensure the safety in effective time damage output. So when effective safety time damage? Effective means you can hit each other, such as the other party have 1 second time to escape from your attack range, so your effective output time is 1 second, but at the same time the opponent’s attack will be in 0.5 seconds to play to you, so you must be in 0.5 seconds to stop your attack, defense or escape, this 0.5 seconds industry is your security incident, so your effective security against time is 0.5 seconds. Of course the actual combat, not so machinery, but know the effective safety output time will let you take a few very important attribute:

Attack rate: in addition to the ice method and typhoon monk, now almost no one pay attention to attack rate, always think crit and detonation hurt much important to attack rate, but in PVP, attack rate significance is far greater than the crit and detonation injury, this I will post another open discussion. This simple said, if you attack rate fast enough, then you in effective safety time attack number only guarantee, otherwise you may once played out.

Run speed: run speed in front of it is not easy to talk about the.

Attack speed: attack speed is fast have full, fast such as wizard magic arrow, slow such as dh electric ball. Fast have fast good, such as not easy to avoid, but also have the use of slow slow, slow will surrounds you with a damage ring, opponents once in this range, or you let opponents into the damage range ring.

Control time: d3 skills than choice no doubt before diablo version a lot more, each one has one or more control skills, reduction, halo, frozen, repulsive, if you can effectively control the opponent, then no doubt in the opponents by the control of the time you can very safe output, greatly prolong your effective safety output time. 

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