Create and fine-tune a battlefield

The first stop for many will be the Clan Battlefield. Each Clan Citadel gets one for free, and it can be accessed by speaking to the clan battlemaster – a character wandering about your citadel. The Battlefield is home to a RuneScape first: an editor that allows you to generate your own combat scenarios and minigames. Create and fine-tune a battlefield, and then invite other clans (or your clan members) to participate in scenarios limited only by what you can think of. Capture the Flag games, deathmatches, ball games, mazes and even combinations of these ideas are possible using the tool. We’re intrigued by what outlandish games you might create!
Elsewhere, the Keep is the centrepiece of your Clan Citadel. This large battlement houses your senate, meeting rooms and party room. The senate is destined to be where larger meetings are held, with a podium for a speaker and seats for an audience; the meeting rooms can host smaller meetings that are set to public or, from tier 2 onwards, private; and the party room, accessible from tier 3 onwards, can play host to balloon drops or all-night parties.You might want to make a stop at the clan noticeboard, found at the entrance of the Clan Citadel, which allows you to communicate your goals and ethos to your clanmates. It is also worth noting that making your way around the Clan Citadel is made easier by a nifty addition: opening your citadel’s map and clicking on an area marked with a ‘T’ will teleport you to that location.
A clan ranking and permissions system is used to determine who can make changes to Clan Citadels. Permissions can be given for the construction and customisation of hotspots, and also downgrading areas. Clanmates may change permissions for anyone who is ranked below them in the clan. New members of the clan must pass a probationary period of one week before they can contribute to resource gathering or the clan’s size. The founders of a Clan Citadel (those who took part in the creation ritual) and those who join in the week following Clan Citadel’s release are exempt from this probationary period.  

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