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Cooking is one of the most important skills in Runescape. Everyone needs food to live, and that’s what this skill provides. You won’t be able to cook the best food that heals 230 Life Points (LP) right from the start, but it doesn’t take long before you get up there. When making food there’s also a possibility (like with most other skills) that you will fail. This will result in burning the food, and making it worthless. If you have a higher cooking level, you will burn food less often.

When using a cooking range, you will burn food less often than you would when using a fire. In addition, when using the range found in Lumbridge castle, you will burn certain lower-level dishes even less often. For more information on this particular range, read the Cook-o-matic manual.

The fastest cooking location (closest bank to fire) for members is in the Rogues’ Den under the pub in Burthorpe. Emerald Benedict acts as your bank, and there is an eternal fire right near him.

Levels to stop burning and members’ cooking gauntlets are discussed in the Burning and gauntlets section.

This guide presents foods by category in order to provide instructions for making each type of food. However, it may be helpful to see exactly which food you can cook at your skill level. A table showing all foods, cooking levels and xp earned is available by clicking the link below.
If you are just starting out in Cooking, you may want to visit Roddeck the Advisor to learn more about the basics. The minimap shows that he is located in the building to the east of the Lumbridge General Store.
Cooking food can be done in 2 ways. One is to get your hatchet out of the bank, chop some trees and light the logs with a tinderbox to cook your food on a fire. Tinderboxes can be found pretty much at any General Store in RuneScape. The second way is to cook on a range, fireplace or cooking pot found inside buildings scattered around RuneScape. Note that only meat, fish, vegetables and tea can be cooked on a fire or in a fireplace. Using a range is supposed to burn less food than using a fire.

To cook an item, just click on it, then click on the heat source (range, fire or fireplace). (You can also right-click on the food and select “Use”, then click the heat source.) You can also cook multiple items at the same time. Whenever you have more than one raw item of the same kind in your inventory, and click to use it on a heat source, you will see a little menu at the bottom of your game window showing a picture of the item. Left-click on it to cook only one, or right-click on it if you’d like to cook several of them at once. Then select the number of raw items you’d like to cook at the same time. This menu doesn’t appear if you have only one of the raw items in your inventory. 

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