Classic adjourned to the Runescape big shake-up of the screen

The official website of the game development company in North America Jagex produced 2D free cartoons online game Runescape has announced that the fantasy novels based on the game world to return Carney Fez will be officially on sale on the 25th of this month. Legendary popular 3D web game Runescape by Jagex development of RuneScape Gold, was released in 2001, today the Runescape still has a high popularity in the overseas players and even domestic players, has even been called the world of Warcraft web games.

After 10 years of development, Runescape developer decided to shake-up of the game, a game screen set. The official said the new version of the screen after the designer’s well thought out and make large-scale changes necessary to ensure that this 10 years of classic game style, but also be able to integrate into the popular game elements. Therefore, this revision game stylist, who undoubtedly is a no small challenge.

Pascal as Runescape the new version of the game screen design guidance has been published the original painting of a part of the game, players can Sneak Peek. Screenshots of the latest version of the game has not officially released. The official website of the end of last year, when the RS had experienced Home page revision seems that time has begun for the screen version prepare the Xiaobian also hope this 10 years of classic 3D web game RuneScape rivers and lakes through the fresh blood made new achievements. 

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