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POE 3.9 Deadeye Most Popular Build – Ice Shot & Barrage Guide



This build was made from the start of Conquerors of the Altas. This build was nerfed a little bit in 3.9 due to point-blank being nerfed and monsters gaining more physical damage reduction. It will still be great.

This build is still a work in progress. I made the build last league and am working on remaking it this league. So I haven’t played the build in a couple of months. I don’t think anything about the build changed with the 3.9 patches. So this might not be as detailed or in-depth as other Poe builds guide.

Ice Shot & Barrage got only a few buffs in the patch but made a world of difference, Not only to clear but for single target setups, I wanted to make Ice Shot & Barrage viable for bossing and most of this guide is going to focus on achieving that. To be clear I don’t claim this is the ‘best’ way to do Ice Shot it’s simply what I ended up with and had a ton of success with, If you have an idea to do something different to go ahead and try it that’s what I feel Path of Exile is about, people using this build as a cookie-cutter is all I hope to achieve.
+ Very good clear
+ Good single target damage
+ Hight move speed
+ Max attack/spell dodge
+ Cheap to start
- Expensive to min-max
- Squishy, one shot if you do get hit from big attacks
- Cannot do elemental reflect maps
- No leech maps will be a pain

1. Far Shot
2. Ricochet
3. Endless Munitions
4. Gathering Winds
BANDITS: Help Alira.
Major God – Soul of Lunaris
Minor God – Soul of Solaris

Weapon: Barrage – Inspiration – Elemental Damage with Attacks -Added Cold Damage – Cold Penetration – Hypothermia
BodyArmour: Ice Shot – Elemental Damage with Attacks – Inspiration – Added Cold Damage – Cold Penetration – Hypothermia
Gloves: Blink Arrow – Faster Attacks – Hatred – Precision
Boots: Blood Rage – Increased Duration – Withering Step – Vaal Haste
Helm: Steelskin – Cast when Damage Taken – Frost Bomb – Herald of Ice



At last, If you read this build Process need Poe currency. You can visit use code “POE10″ Enjoy “10% Off” to buy Poe Currency.


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Poe 3.6 Melee Frost Blades Builds For Shadow

Frost Blades is really a cold melee assault skill that strikes with greater selection, then has the secondary influence of releasing projectiles through the struck enemies. When an enemy is a strike by this skill, a number of homing projectiles fly out from driving the enemy and target nearby enemies. This skill improves the melee variety by a considerable diploma. Not like Lightning Strike, if your preliminary attack doesn’t strike an enemy, then no projectiles are launched. The projectiles provide the exact same injury multiplier since the initial melee hit, with all the similar chilly destruction conversion. Even so, the first melee attack scales with melee injury modifiers (this kind of as Melee Actual physical Damage), whereas the projectiles scale with projectile problems modifiers. Equally, components scale similarly with the (unspecified) attack, bodily, and chilly hurt modifiers. Multistrike makes use of the increased assault choice of this skill when deciding on targets to assault. Melee Splash isn’t going to release extra projectiles from secondary targets struck through the initial melee splash, nor does it splash the projectiles’ hurt. Speedier Projectiles will increase the velocity and efficient array of the secondary projectiles. Vicious Projectiles scales each of the hurt with the projectiles, but not the preliminary melee assault: attack velocity is just not reduced considering that the assault animation itself is melee, rather than the projectile.

[Poe 3.6 Assassin] Frostblades Assassin SSF Feasible. 650K DPS w/ Funds equipment! League starter! Insane Crystal clear Speed

This build has crushed a lot of the hardest endgame content this kind of as guardians, pink elder, almost all of the exceptional maps from the activity, and every map til T16.
The build does 600K+ DPS using a 35C Funds. It is possible to go less expensive (15c or reduce) and have about 400K DPS.
If the contact of anguish’s is highly-priced at first on the league, don’t worry. You’ll be able to safely use two wasp nest until finally about tier 11+ maps.
The shaper is concerning the level wherever the build reaches its peak. The shaper is simply not possible for the instant with our present equipment setup.

Brine King and Yugul will be the normal ones. They’re situational, but normally you may run these. Should you be new or will not have a very good deal of knowledge with pantheons, adhere with these.

Ambush & Assassinate
Unstable Infusion
Deadly Infusion

Q. What are those little ice spikes from the video?
A. That is actually an MTX called “Gloom Herald” while in the microtransaction shop.

Q. How do I use these Pastebin links? It’s just text.
A. You need to download a program called “Path of Building” via GitHub. After you install it, press new build, click import & export, select import via Pastebin and paste during the Pastebin link I have provided.

Q. I keep dying to Izero / any other high hurt dealing boss.
A. This build has whirling blades, make use of it. This build takes advantage of positioning more than most builds you might play in PoE.

Q. You really don’t have the allocated dexterity for the jewels to work!!!
A. You really don’t need to hold the dexterity allocated to make the jewels work.

Act 1
Act 1 should be a bit of a breeze. You want to begin by grabbing frost blades from the local vendors. From here on out just continue progressing through the story and picking up high actual physical problems weapons. Iron rings are also really great! One last note, be sure to buy ruthless from Nessa in town. This will make the boss killing way easier. (Swap out an ancestral call for ruthless on bosses)

Act 2
Act 2 can be a whole lot from the similar from Act 1. From here you want to go to the chamber of sins and obtain your herald of ice with the quest reward. Herald of ice is a big destruction boost and also it looks very nice. You want to remain trying to get better weapons and making sure you have gear that has defensive stats on it these kinds of as life and resistance. After this just keep on progressing the story and getting the gems within the vendors after you complete the quest.

Act 3
Act 3 is going to be pretty easy, just keep on progressing the story and always be on the lookout for upgrades to your gear! You’ll also be getting a few skill gems that we will use through the rest in the activity here. The main types being hatred and assassins mark.

Act 4
Act 4 is pretty easy on the layouts, but this is where the bosses do start out to strike pretty hard, so be careful. You’ll also get a few of our most used gems here. Those are Ice golem and multi-strike. Be sure to keep using ruthless on frost blades when killing bosses!
This is also the point wherever you are able to do the labyrinth, I usually recommend to do it in act 4 because of you slightly out level the area and it should be much easier.

Act 5
Act 5 is gonna be the hardest boss fights of part 1. So make sure you happen to be prepared. Try to make sure your weapons are decent and you have some life on your gear with resistance. Also, you do get a jewel from here that will be used throughout the rest with the video game. That jewel is called a fight for survival. Make sure you keep this somewhere in your stash that is safe right up until you’ll be able to put into a jewel socket.

Act six
You survived part 1 and now you made it to part 2. Part 2 lowers your resistance by 30% on all elemental resistances. This is gonna hurt quite a bit. On the bright side, our build takes a lot of elemental resistance on the tree, so this won’t hurt quite as bad.

In act six you want to continue on and try to really work on getting good defensive gear that has life or resistance. Hopefully, you found a one of a kind by now that will help with destruction, if not then keep looking for high actual physical damage weapons.
Be sure to go to the twilight strand and crystal clear it out! You get a vendor that sells almost every individual gem from the match. This will allow you to complete the gem links that you may have missed out on.

Act 7
Just keep on progressing, these last few acts are mostly just for leveling and gearing as you should have every one of the gems that you need by now. Remember to use ruthless on bosses!

Act 8

Just more leveling and gearing happens in this act. You may hit a soft wall exactly where you can’t progress due to equipment being weak, if that’s the case then go to harbor bridge and just farm out for a while. Should you press Ctrl + left click on the gateway to a new area it allows you to make a new instance with new mobs to kill.
At this stage you may do the cruel labyrinth should you want to and probably should, this will be another massive DPS raise.

Act 9
Act 9 is really short and pretty easy, you shouldn’t really have any issues here. When you do, Blood aqueduct is actually a good farming zone.

Act 10
Welcome to the end with the story in PoE (At least for now). This is gonna be the toughest boss fight and also the one with the most consequences. You are going to lose another 30% of all elemental resistances after you kill kitava for the last time. So make sure you do all your labyrinths (including merciless) before killing kitava. A great place to farm in case you need equipment is the ossuary/blood aqueducts.

Endgame Transition
Congrats! should you be reading this, you completed the story in PoE. I recommend you go to act 9 and farm the blood aqueducts for a little for the levels and the equipment. This will make the early endgame much less scary and also more rewarding. Feel free to experiment from here on out.

Leveling Skill trees Around Act 6ish. Around Act 8-9ish Early-mid Endgame
Please remember, these are definitely only estimates of what actions you should be, it can be higher or decrease.
After you reach endgame start off to get soul raker ASAP (The claw wheel area) after you get soul raker, use your respect points on the life leech/mana leech nodes by the Vaal Pact.

PoB Link –

Skill Tree –
[Poe 3.6 Assassin] Face-Cannon Frost blades Assassin. Face Tank everything

his build needs a good balance between DPS and life, you need high DPS to provide enough leeching, and high life as well to prevent 1 hit. So make sure you got T1 life rolls on all your rare gear, i.e. 70+ life on rings, 80+ life on amulets and boots, 100+ life on the belt (abyss belt with life jewel or leather belt). Also make sure at least one of your rings is Steel Ring, and have 2 or more DPS mods (improved cold dmg, WED, flat phys). Make sure your amulet have 3 or more DPS mods. (flat Phys, enhanced chilly dmg, crit multi, WED) WED means elemental problems with attack skills.

This build would not require much spending plan considering that all required uniques are cheap, but if you’re rich, there is also huge space to improve. The build employs Bloodseeker for instant life leech and from Opportunistic ascendancy of Assassin (no crit from the boss), we can face tank most of the bosses without worrying about positioning. Might of your Meek jewel may not work along with the new passive tree. I am a little busy recently and will update the guide according to changes later this week, but as of now, you could follow the version without the might of your meek jewel.

Unstable Infusion
Ambush & Assassinate
Deadly Infusion

Take Alira or two passives.

Brine king

POB version: 1.4.134 (3.six Synthesis League)
3 million dps version

POB version: 1.4.99
Updated together with the 2.14 million dps version

Skill Tree –
[Poe 3.6 Trickster] Bashtart’s Frost Blades & Molten Strike Trickster * Oni-Goroshi * Crazy Speed & DPS!

This build will not really change in 3.six but the farm time of Oni-Goroshi seems way too long to be worth it so We would recommend to buy it later. Blade FLurry with Power and Frenzy Charges seems to be a viable option instead of MS.

How to I proc “Her Embrace”?
To proc Her Embrace you need to ignite an Enemy. so the easiest way to do that is to get somewhere on your equipment “adds % fire problems to attacks”.

I feel so squishy… what can I do?
The most important defense of the build is usually a high life pool… try to reach +6k life. Normally injury just isn’t a problem with this build so concentrate especially while gearing more on defense. Early on a cheap alternative to Kaom’s Heart is to get a cheap PoE Currency belly in the beast with high % to max life and kaom’s roots with high max life.

Which enchantment?
Gloves: corrupted gloves with temporal/elemental weakness on hit, or some enchantment… would not really matter too much I guess
Boots: Assault & cast speed, adds % destruction to assault, life leech, regen are decent options imo.
Helmet: Amplified Impact of Golem buff is actually a good allrounder, in case you want to go full single concentrate on dps go with 3 additional molten strike projectiles.

Do your threshold skill jewels fulfill the requirements?
Yes. because the required strength/dexterity won’t have to be allocated. It is enough when it is from the radius with the threshold jewel.

+ Very fast clear- & arm speed
+ Fun playstyle
+ Safe mapping (freezing almost everything)
+ High dps
+ Easy Leveling with Oni-Goroshi
+ Oni-Goroshi makes immune to nearly everything
+ A speaking sword is kinda cool :)
+ Can facetank most endgame articles.

- The DoT impact of Oni-Goroshi can be annoying

Soul of Solaris
Soul of Tokuhama

Bandits: Help Alira

PoB Link –
Skill Tree –

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Path of Exile Regal Orb Guides

PoE Regal Orb is usually a currency item that will be applied to upgrade a piece of magic equipment to rare. Adds One mod to a magic item (changing it into an uncommon). Regal Orb Upgrades a magic item into an uncommon high-quality item. You’ll find no effective utilizes for this orb early game. It might be only utilized in meta-crafting. It could possibly not be an undesirable notion also to craft uncommon jewels with this, so long as you happen to locate a decent blue jewel with fantastic affixes and choose to attempt your luck to obtain something useful (commonly it will not be, but it is not the worst idea)
Regal Orb Recipes
Regal Orbs are uncommon currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. Additionally, they drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes.
Regal Orbs can also be obtained from the following vendor recipes:

Regal Orb Exchange
Any rare item with 2 affixes. This could be created by using a Regal Orb on a one-affix magic item or by utilizing an Orb of Annulment on an uncommon item = 1?¨¢ Orb of Scouring

How you can Use Regal Orb
The principal technique to invest Regal Orbs is usually to consume them to upgrade a magic item into an uncommon item, adding one particular random affix. Often, applying a Regal Orb is only a single step inside a long item crafting approach that may possibly include things like making use of Exalted Orbs, Eternal Orbs, and Forsaken master crafting benches. If applied on a magic item with only one particular affix, a Regal Orb will build a rare item with only two affixes, which otherwise cannot exist. It can be possible to add a prefix to an item only using a suffix, making an uncommon item with properties also a magic item could have. This could be beneficial when preparing to make use of Elron’s Can have many crafted mods meta-crafting mod.
Other than for crafting powerful uncommon gear, Regal Orbs could also be utilized to upgrade maps in order to increase item quantity bonuses. They might also be made use of to upgrade strongboxes, in particular, Arcanist’s Strongboxes, due to the fact that strongbox variety can potentially drop many uncommon or rare orbs, yielding a net good return for the player.

There are many strategies to use regals and everyone’s preferences will differ. That said, I ordinarily discover it a lot more cost-effective to get items than craft.
When I do use regals, I am likely to use them on rings or Amy’s having a desirable base (ie: diamond rings for crit, moonstone rings for ES, or gold rings and Amy’s for MF (magic uncover), and so forth) with two desirable T1 mods. You could see what the T1 mods are at, For the distinct scenario, the very first thing I’d say usually does not scour a level 67 item. You may not be capable of roll the most beneficial mods on an iLevel 67 item: you’ll need to have iLevel 78 or 79 (I believe). You may usually buy one of these for 1 or 2c when you are not up to operating level 76-79 maps. To determine the iLevel of an item (In the wiki): Lift the item onto the cursor, and type the /item level command into the chat box, though the item is held on the cursor. The item level will likely be reported in chat.
Mainly on regal higher level maps. You need a return on these in the type of loot, currency drops, and above all else maps of the same level or larger so you can preserve bringing in extra experience and higher level loot.
I will typically trans/aug/alt till I get a superb magic monsters or pack size roll, if it’s in the top from the range, I regal and hope for in the finest, an additional mob roll (the one I did not get, extra rares, sea witches, and so forth….) or at worse, at the very least a mod that’s not a significant pain in the ass or not possible for my existing build to perform (which is definitely on no regen, all other people are annoying but attainable with patience).
Before I began mapping at a higher level, I had no idea how much currency goes into maps but if you are willing to roll them effectively and invest, you’ll get your return in maps, expertise, and currency.


Are you tired of cutting beneficial hours? Are you currently still collect cowhides to collect some PoE Currency? Don’t waste your time and have entertaining now! Acquire PoE Orbs now at! This can be a quick, cheap and protected location to buy Poe Chaos Orb and Poe Exalted Orb. The Currencies we are promoting is secure, and your account will not be banned for real-world trading. We’ve thousands of pleased clientele! So what are you currently waiting for? Obtain Poe Currency now at U4GM and let your dreams come correct!

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POE 3.3 Lastest and Detailed Duelist Slayer Spells Builds

[POE 3.3 Flameblast Build] Wormblaster, Flameblast, and Herald of Ash Slayer Manual


Now, U4gm shares with you POE 3.3 Lastest and Detailed Duelist Slayer Spells Builds. U4gm as an expert Poe Currency website supplies safe, quick and cheap Poe Orbs for you personally. With more than ten years of excellence, we’ve got served a large number of shoppers. For those who are hesitating where to purchase Poe Exalted Orb, U4gm might be a very good decision.

The Writhing Jar spawns two Writhing Worms applying a fairly reduced amount of life per use. These are often attacked and killed by players, but not by enemies.

It is a manual to your make cleared all content within Bestiary League. It turned out to turn out to be really powerful, primarily against endgame bosses, so here is the nearly completed product.

3.3 Changes:
Worms spawned during the Writhing Jar are now destroyed when hit. This overrides results which would otherwise guard towards them from dying, which involve the one identified all over one of a type gloves Southbound.
No longer has the mod “Enemies chilled by you take 100% elevated burning damage”. Dyadus now has “100% enhanced Damage with Ignites inflicted on Chilled Enemies

Likelihood to Ignite Support/Combustion Assistance
Has become renamed to Combustion Enable.
Now lowers the fire resistance of enemies ignited by supported techniques, inflicting -10% fire resistance at gem level 1, down to -19% at gem level 20

Now deals 90% more injury with ailments for every and every single stage (up from 50%).
Now has +5% probability to ignite for each and just about every stage.
Now charges three mana at gem level 1 (down from six), as much as 6 mana at gem degree 20 (down from 9).

Vaal Righteous Fire:
Previously eliminated all your vitality shield and all but 1 life, instantaneously dealing fire harm to all nearby enemies based mostly all-around the volume of life and energy shield misplaced.
Now removes 30% of your daily life and energy shield and creates a Righteous Fire aura all over you which burns enemies inside its radius largely based around the volume of existence and power shield lost for four seconds. Additionally, it seems pretty neat now.
Now offers 161% of life and power shield lost as burning harm per second at gem level one, as much as 180% at gem level 20.
Now also grants 20% way more spell damage while lively at gem level 1, as much as 39% a lot more spell harm at gem degree twenty. That is multiplicative with Righteous Fire’s much more spell harm result.
Now gains 1% improved burning harm per 1% gem excellent high quality (previously gained 1% enhanced spell harm per 1% high quality).
Now desires 40 souls per use (up from 16).
Now prevents you from gaining Vaal souls for ten seconds ideal immediately after use.

Vaal Flameblast:
Previously built a flame blast which grew devoid of needing to become channeled until it reached 10 phases, then exploded.
Now creates a flame blast which shrinks devoid of needing to turn into channeled, and explodes every 5 phases, until it reaches 15 phases. Just about every subsequent explosion is more powerful than the last.
Now bargains 90% extra harm with ailments for every stage (up from 55%).
Now has a +5% chance to ignite for every stage.
Now calls for 30 souls per use (up from sixteen).
Now prevents you from gaining Vaal souls for six seconds quickly the following use.

(3.2) Fairly greater harm achievable against bosses – though 1-2 million burning DPS is realistically sustainable against Shaper, 8-10 million burning DPS, as well as a lot more, is achievable to attain beneath superb situations. A burn from Herald of Ash lasts for about 9-10 seconds, so all non-phased bosses may be killed owning a single hit. That incorporates Shaper plus the Guardians from the Phoenix, Minotaur, and Hydra.
(3.three) Whilst nonetheless dealing loads of damage, the burning harm will virtually surely not exceed three million DPS. In most conditions, it really is affordable to count on 1-1.five million DPS, that is nevertheless sufficient to one-shot pretty much all bosses.
It is a Wormblaster.
This make can clear all the current (three.two) endgame articles.
Decent Lab runner, traps aren’t definitely dangerous because of the higher life recovery. Only some stronger Buffs on Izaro can get risky.
It doesn’t contact to get a good deal of currency to get started (a great deal less than 5 exes for yellow-red maps), the late endgame setup can include around ~25 ex.

It could consider a while to suit your needs to get utilized to your playstyle.
Cruel Lab completion is important to sustain RF, ahead of that I would propose leveling that has a various establish.
Not 100% trustworthy – the worms are thrown in random directions, which can make targeting bosses tricky. three Flask uses for one Flameblast appear to turn into optimal while not standing near a wall.
Extended cast time/vulnerability, however, channeling Flameblast.
Not terrific for a get together plays to the explanation that other players are in the position to destroy the worms as well.
Map clearing can be rather slow / calls for weapon swap for being additional swiftly.
Probably not acceptable for HC leagues.

Gem Setup:
Herald of Ash – Burning Damage – Swift Affliction – Efficacy – Enhanced Duration – Improved Location of Impact
Physique Armour

Flameblast / Vaal Flameblast – Managed Destruction – Combustion – More quickly Casting (or Empower)
Helmet; Faster Casting for larger mobility e.g. against Uber Elder, Empower for extra harm

Righteous Fire (Degree 15) – Burning Harm – Elemental Concentrate – Concentrated Effect
Gloves / Boots; for larger clear speed in Helmet with Efficacy as an alternate to Concentrated Effect
Righteous Fire can kill worms once the Radius will get also big, at level 15 they land just outdoors of one’s radius.

Orb of Storms – Curse on Hit – Flammability – Temporal Chains
Gloves / Boots; it does not need to turn out to be degree 1 any longer as any hit would promptly kill the worms.

Shield Charge – Speedier Attacks – Fortify
Weapon / Shield; never ever use it to proc Elemental Equilibrium, Herald of Ash adds Fire Damage

Cast when Harm Taken – Immortal Make contact with
Weapon / Shield

Decoy Totem
Weapon / Shield

Pob Hyperlink:
Talent Tree:

[POE 3.3 Righteous Fire Build]Obliteration Slayer, Guardians, Uber Lab, Shaper For Leech-based

With regards to playstyle, the make is oriented further in direction of speedy mapping, however, getting to be tanky sufficient to endure modest lag spikes on rough articles. It can be truly genuinely superior at working Lab and has no difficulties with guardians. All this tends to make it an unbelievable alternative for the initial character of the season. Shaper was slightly difficult to determine. The vibrant side is that acquiring a Slayer lets you Cull Shaper at 20% daily life, so you get to disregard a very good portion of his 3rd phase, which can be far tougher compared to the other 2.

Endgame Variations:
Daily life Regeneration Slayer
Has around 42.3% combined regeneration (29% leech, 13.3% regen)
237% improved existence from the tree just before jewels.
+20% culling
+20% far more injury if killed not as well prolonged in the past
+High AoE and Onslaught for Clearspeed
+Overkill Leech
+Can sustain RF off regen
-Least combined regeneration
-Loses 1 Jewel Slot
Talent Tree:

Vaal Pact Slayer:
Has as much as 58% leech per 2nd.
230% elevated daily life from the tree ahead of jewels.
+20% culling
+20% more harm if killed lately
+High AoE and Onslaught for Clearspeed
+Overkill Leech
-can’t run ‘No-Leech‘ maps
-can’t run ‘Hexproof‘ maps
-Least complete HP
Skill Tree:

Existence Regeneration Scion:
Has as much as 61.2% combined regeneration (43.5% leech, 17.7% regen)
251% elevated existence from the tree just before jewels
+Highest life
+More harm from tree
+Can sustain RF off regen
-fewer sources of leech
-less clear speed equipment
-may call for Writhing Jar to maintain buffs up
-loses one jewel slot
-least resists on tree
Ability Tree:

Vaal Pact Scion
Has as much as 87% leech per 2nd
234% enhanced life from the tree before jewels
+Highest regeneration/second
+Most harm from tree
-can’t run ‘No-Leech’ maps
-can’t run ‘Hexproof’ maps
-fewer sources of leech
-less clear speed equipment
-may need to have Writhing Jar to help hold buffs up
Potential Tree:

Pob Hyperlink:
Skill Tree:
Example Hyperlink:

Pob Link:
Talent Tree:

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POE 3.3 Miscellaneous Scion Ascendant Builds

The Scion was exiled to Wraeclast for killing her husband on their wedding night. She is aligned with all 3 core attributes – strength, dexterity, and intelligence, which places her within the center with the passive skill tree. This unique position makes it possible for her to create into almost any type of character creation when lacking the committed specialization that the other six classes offer you.


[POE 3.3 Aura Help Build]Living Saint: Tanky Aurabot – League starter / Endgame viable

Overlook the energy of loot-filter and, for a lot has been forgotten, under no circumstances to be relearned.
Overlook the promise of Atlas-progress and Challenge League Rewards, for in the grim dark month’s ahead there is certainly only the grind.
There’s no peace amongst the price-fixer, only an eternity of 820-spamming and carnage as well as the laughter of Chris Wilson.

- a great Leaguestarter for those who play together with your buddies
- can start off with minimal Investment and help all Endgame
- purges the Atlas from Xenos for the Glory on the Emperor
- doesn’t give a damn about physical Harm
- tanky
- righthanded

- Playstyle is just not for everyone (but you already knew that)
- vulnerable to Elemental Harm in the start out of mapping
- not fun to level solo as this develops
- Charakter Portrait

2 Points: Considering the fact that we cant reach something important I suggest acquiring the two Stat Notables.
four Points: Now its either Guardian or Necromancer.
Whilst Necromancer adds important DPS and some Defense with Offerings, I believe I’d prefer Guardian considering that it provides the Spot-regeneration and phys. Harm reduction (correct bevor Kitava), also although sharing charges.
six Points: claim the other Soul
8 Points: Enable the Guardian Location for some nice Defense and Lifereg.

Minor God – Soul of Shakari, upgrade asap for Poison Immunity (T13 Desert Spring Map)
Important God – Soul of Solaris or Soul of Arakaali, depends on Predicament

Next to the Distinctive Jewels Watcher’s Eye, Conqueror’s Efficiency along with the Vigil we use Jewel’s to repair our Resistances and stack Power Shield.
- Resistances
- flat Energyshield (Abyss Mod)
- Intelligence
- % Energy shield
- %inc. Armour when you havent killed not too long ago (Abyss Mod)

Pob Link:
Ability Tree:
Example Hyperlink:


[POE 3.3 Aura Help Build]Scion Aurabot with Shavronnes – 14 Auras 3 Curses

Choose Scion for mistake, Witch was greater, guess now Scion is superior to
Scion can have 128 passive points
why Shavronnes? mainly because “Chaos Harm does not bypass Energy Shield”
with Victarios we’ve to utilize Coruscating Elixir just about every 8 seconds

+ low cost start (12 auras + two curse)
+ higher defences
+ high resistances
+ dont worry poison / chaos
+ can do practically every single map mod
+ youre an aurabot everyone requirements you
+ only want four hyperlink armour for star

- cant play solo (usually needs a carry)
- no regen maps are hard
- can turn out to be high-priced with all products and gems

- Intelligence
- Passive Point
- Necromancer
- Passive Point
- Path of the Witch
- Strenght and Intelligence
- Passive Point
- Guardian

- kill all 3 = two passive points

- Pick 1 Significant and 1 Minor (capture all bosses)
- Resist Poison / Bleed: Main – Soul of Arakaali / Minor – Soul of Shakari / Minor – Soul of Ralakesh
- Physical Damage Reduction: Significant – Soul of Lunaris / Minor – Soul of Grutkul / Minor – Soul of Tukohama

Leveling Guide:
- Pick all aura nodes initially and use auras on myself
- only at level 70 change to AuraBot and choose Blood Magic
- Weapon1: Claw or Oni-Goroshi
- Weapon2: Claw
- Helmet: Goldrim
- Armour: Tabula Rasa
- Gloves: Lochtonial Caress
- Boots: Wanderlust
- Amulet: Karui Ward
- Ring1: Thief’s Torment
- Ring2: -
- Belt: Belt from the Deceiver

- 1x Watcher’s Eye (haste=phasing / clarity= -mana expense of expertise)
- 1x Conqueror’s Efficiency
- 3x Energy From Within
- ?x %ES or +ES / Life or ES regen / Int / corrupted “reduced mana reserved”

- Weapon1: Shield Charge (20) + More quickly Attacks (20) + Fortify (20) (or Leap Slam (20))
- Weapon1 (swap): CwDT (1) + Immortal Contact (3) / Decoy Totem (20)
- Weapon2: Determination (21) + Grace (21) + Haste (21)
- Helmet: Purity of Fire (21) + Purity of Cold (21) + Purity of Lightning (21) + Enlighten (four)
- Armour: Anger (21) + Hatred (21) + Wrath (21) + Generosity (20) + Enlighten (4) + Empower (4) (in the event you use empower you may only run 13 auras)
- Gloves: Ball Lightning (1) + Curse on Hit (20) + Elemental Weakness (20) + Projectile Weakness (20)
- Boots: Vitality (21) + Discipline (21) + Purity of Elements (21) + Enlighten (4)
- Amulet:
- Ring1: Clarity (1-20)
- Ring2:
- Belt:
- Decoy Totem (to tank boss)
- Ball Lightning (for curses)
- Leap Slam (move among gaps)
- Now can adjust some aura gems for vaal gems (haste and clarity)

Pob Link:
Talent Tree:
Example Link:


[POE 3.3 Aura Help Build] Victario’s Aurabot: League start out guide + endgame Aurabot – 10 Auras + 3 curse Auras

This development is focused around basic mapping, maintaining a balance in between survivability, boss kills, and overall map clear, utilizing the Zealot’s Oath keystone to keep constant ES regen. It aims to run all map mods without any complications and with playing it for most on the league and reaching level 100, I’ve had zero issues with any unique mod, which includes degen based ground mods and no regen. This construct is extremely inexpensive to begin out with and I will deliver both a price range league starter solution and an additional high-priced endgame setup, with links to Path of Developing profiles.

+ Gives lots of harm to allies by means of auras
+ Uses curses to aid survivability
+ Quite mobile
+ Continuous ES regen
+ Beginning develop is quite price range friendly
+ Aurabots are straightforward to scale as we never ought to concentrate on harm nodes
+ Coruscating Elixer does not quit your ES recharge like it normally would
+ Will not demand a five or 6l

Cons :
- Victario’s influence builds are flask reliant, and not possessing flasks up can get you killed
- Specific flexibility options usually are not achievable with Zealots Oath
- No life regen so a life flask is required to switch auras
- Max Aura level’s is costly and not league starter friendly
- Victario’s influence isn’t a HC viable construct
- Time-sensitive, the slow mapping can kill you
- Can not Solo effortlessly

Bandits: kill all 3

in order of Significance:
-Witch Ascendency (necromancer)
-Templar Ascendency (Guardian)
-Path in the witch
As a league starter and making use of only 1 coruscating, there’s the option to take Pathfinder for the flask charge get if you are new to this type of develop. the ascendency to switch will depend on the type of create you would like to go for.
In case you are working with shield charge, you may drop guardian so you may preserve the attack speed from necromancer to improve your charge speed. If going for phase run then replace necromancer with Pathfinder, that is mainly because you would like to acquire frenzy charges from your carrier to achieve the increased duration on phase run.

Soul of Lunaris
Capture Subbert, Crescents point
This delivers Phy’s harm reduction and movement speed per enemy nearby, and 5% extra dodge on top of our Vaal grace.
Soul of Shakari
Capture Terror from the Infinite Depths
This provides us primarily with poison immunity, something that would otherwise stop our ES recharge

Pob Link:
Ability Tree:
Example Hyperlink:

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Poe 3.3 Duelist Builds for Gladiator, Champion, and Slayer

The Duelist is Path of Exile’s strength/dexterity hybrid class, producing him unmatched at dealing and avoiding damage. He can efficiently use a shield but is equally comfy slashing away having a potent two-hander or fighting with weapons in both hands. His potent arms can draw the strings with the heaviest and most lethal longbows. His very honed reflexes give him a cat-like capability to dodge and parry incoming attacks, be they arrows or axe swings. The Duelist can be a daunting foe, and his reputation as a ruthless killer is effectively deserved. Within this Post, U4GM Will share Poe 3.3 Duelist Builds for Gladiator, Champion, and Slayer for you personally.


[PoE 3.3 Slayer Build] Astounding Single Target DPS Oni-Goroshi, Blade Flurry, Embrace the Madness Slayer Build

This Build Even with low spending budget gear this build has superb evident speed, amazing single target DPS, and higher survivability. This Build was lucky to get two swords in about 6-7 hours of farming, and they have been strictly identical, so This Build decided to possess 1 for map clearing and one for single target and to swap according to the scenario.
This Build chose Reave for clearing simply because This Build had under no circumstances tried this skill just before and using the current up in AoE it seemed to be able to Clear practically the entire screen without moving. Single target skill is going to become Blade Flurry simply because This Build has done numerous builds on it and because it is not my favorite skill, it has great single target DPS.
The character is usually a Slayer for the reason that its leech capabilities will make it less difficult to handle the damage from Her Embrace. It also includes a lot of cool items: 20% culling strike, immune to bleeding and stun while leeching, onslaught, additional damage if you’ve killed recently.
For numbers have a look at my PoB: 7000 HP / 80% crit chance / 1 M DPS on Shaper with realistic setup / 50% movement speed / Significantly less than ten Poe exalted orb 1 month just after league begins.

+ fantastic clear speed
+ wonderful single target DPS melts bosses
+ invincible in uber lab
+ spending budget friendly since you get your 6L for free
+ Slayer ascendancy + Her Embrace makes you immune to practically every little thing
+ can do all content (99% of it)
+ pretty high leech will allow you to Facetank a lot of points

- can’t do these map mods :
- no leech
- no regen
- 60% much less recovery
- elemental reflect
- physical reflect (unless you could equip Sibyl’s Lament)

Soul of Lunaris for the decreased physical damage taken and elevated movement speed although mapping
Soul of Solaris might be wonderful for bosses (mainly if there are actually no adds)
Soul of Arakawa for the lowered DoTs harm if your leech is not high sufficient
Soul of Gruthkul with captured Erebix to decrease attack speed of mobs and bosses

Lab Enchants
Attack and Cast speed when you have killed not too long ago (excellent all around)
Damage penetrates resistances if you haven’t killed recently (only appropriate for bosses)
Ancestral Protector grants elevated attack speed
Blade Flurry enhanced harm
Blood Rage grants enhanced attack speed
Or any lowered mana reserved to be able to drop Enlighten
Pick 1 you like because gloves enchant are pretty much useless for this build (and I got spiked gloves, so I don’t desire to overwrite the explicit on them)
Leveling Guides
Get Frost Blades initially and use it with Ancestral Get in touch with + whatever assistance gems you want/need
- It is ok to have a single target skill in your swap weapon too
- For those who have a Tabula place Ancestral Warchief in it with support gems you get from the vendor
- Reave is level 12, get it as soon as it is possible to and start off leveling it
- Upgrade/Add help gems as you level
- Never invest in vital strikes also early due to the fact you will not be capable of handle the damage from Her Embrace
- Always try to cap your fire resistance so Her Embrace doesn’t also a lot of harm
- Started the tree with all those useless points you need to take to have towards the fascinating ones:
- Mana and life leech are useless through leveling due to the fact your harm is too low get anything from the leech. Use warlord’s mark as an alternative with blasphemy
- Then get life nodes (your 6L skill in sword will do sufficient damage to not care about taking harm nodes proper now):
- Get Blade Flurry at level 28 in act 3
- Get the ideal colors on you Oni-Goroshi sockets in action four if you all the correct assistance gems grow to be out there
- Do the lab as soon as you can, together with the appropriate life pool and your DPS it really is effortless
- Now you might have to take some damage nodes to acquire access to the other life nodes:
- Get much more harm and some mana/life leech:
- From here get the nodes you need: damage if you feel your Harm is low, life leech when you think your damage will give you adequate life or if Her Embrace does as well considerably damage, accuracy if it gets beneath 89%.
- Do not get Vaal Pact before maps it is not required, get crit nodes within the end any time you ascendancy and leech can sustain your life even with high damage from Her Embrace

Skill tree:
Instance Link:


[PoE 3.3 Champion Build] Extremely exciting and Demonic Reave MTX looks superb Champion Build

Any time you look for “Top Tier” inside a build which has quite a few specifications that should meet. It will have to be exciting and engaging, not price an extraordinary quantity of currency, and maybe a league starter with all the capability to do all content material later on as you upgrade and invest within your character. On best of this, it ought to have speedy movement or move skills and not must be concerned about any weird troubles that ruin builds for you
All in all, getting a build that suits me and has all of those factors is usually a tall order to fill. Luckily I have perfected the second build in my series that fits each of the criteria. The reave/blurry genuine champion build which suits me just as completely! Hope you all take pleasure in!

+ Very fun and engaging build to play
+ Demonic Reave MTX appears remarkable!
+ Pretty fast pace build
+ Remarkable movement speed with whirling blades
+ Incredibly decent are clear
+ Among the ideal single target gems inside the game
+ Excellent evasion/dodge/dmg reduction
+ No cost 100% accuracy with ascendancy class
+ No cost fortify on 100% of the time
+ Stun immune
+ Can do practically all map mods
+ Able to complete all content
+ Wonderful defensive capabilities
+ Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get additional currency

- Ele Reflect OR Phys Reflect maps aren’t achievable
- Can not leech maps aren’t doable
- Can be decently high-priced to fully min/max oneself for endgame gear

Leveling Guides
- Cleave is usually utilized to level the complete way until level 38 if you get multistrike. four Hyperlink it once you can with the onslaught, melee physical harm, and Maim.
- Setup a four-link Blade flurry for single target with melee Phys dmg, Conc impact, ELE dmg with attacks.
- Use any one particular hand uncommon weapon together with the flattest Phys dmg on it. Crit/Attack speed doesn’t matter considerably at this point even though I hate slow Weapons personally. The base will not matter at all here either. Claws, Swords, Daggers w/e, is excellent through EARLY leveling. When you may need leech, you’ll want to have a Claw for soul raker passive.
- Use ornament from the east claw as quickly as you are able to and upgrade to Bloodseeker claw as soon as you are able to after that.
- For armor pieces (helm/chest/boots/gloves etc.) attempt to get a suitable quantity of res and any life you may.
- Use a mana flask till your mana leech is great adequate to sustain your skill. Particularly for boss fights in which you can run out of mana promptly.
- In conjunction with your regular leveling uniques like Goldrim, wanderlust, tabla, and so forth.

Skill Tree:
Instance Link:

[PoE 3.3 Gladiator Build] Extremely enjoyable Tanky HC Crit Kinetic Blast Gladiator
Lycosidae gives us 100% likelihood to hit which is excellent for hitting critical strikes. Corona Solaris offers us a totally free blind aura, enhanced crit when the enemy is blinded and added fire damage. Thief’s Torment for sustaining mana and have crazy life gained on hit. Belly in the Beast for far more Life or Queen on the Forest for much more evasion and bit additional resistance.

+ Tanky.
+ Easy to hit max block by block.
+ robust against bosses which have walled rooms.
+ Very entertaining.

- Cannot run physical or elemental reflect.
- Terrible for bosses that never have walls.

Bandits: Kill All for two passive points.

Leveling Guides:
You can level as sunder or as a wanderer, is dependent upon your playstyle.
At level 2 Grab an Onslaught gem.
At level 4 Grab a Decoy Totem gem.
At level 12 Start making use of Storm Prison wand, Lycosidae shield, and Barrage skill gem.
At level 24 Grab your self a Wrath gem and an Assassin’s Mark gem.
At level 30 Equip a Thief’s Torment ring which will assist with sustaining mana and life and a Tywzel wand.
At level 34 Grab a Lightning Golem gem.
At level 38 Grab oneself Cast When Harm Taken gem and also a Curse On Hit gem.
At level 59 Grab a Moonsorrow wand until it is possible to afford a Corona Solaris.
At level 63 Use Corona Solaris until it is possible to get your hands on an essential physical wand.

Skill Tree:
Instance Hyperlink:

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Leading 5 ideal Path of exile Builds for Duelist Gladiator


Final time u4gm editor list leading 5 very best Builds for Duelist Slayer, Right now we are going to list the best builds for Gladiator. The Gladiator works properly with dual wielding or one-handed weapon (like wands) and shield combinations. The tree offers possibilities to make about applying bleed and improving the player’s blocking.

1. Unstoppable Gladiator 78% Max Block/Spells. 240K DPS Static Strike. Low Price range League Starter
This guide is primarily based on the Gladiator build I played on Essence & Perandus League, totally updated for Breach League. Check the following highlights to see if you’re interested in:
- 78% Max Block Attacks & Spells.
- You can Facetank almost anything with this incredible tanky build, thanks to Max Block A/S, great Armour for physical reduction (plus endurance charges) and a five.5K life pool.
- 240K DPS on fully buffed Static Strike. Calculation based on: Tooltip * 1.6 (explosions)
- If you prefer, you can choose between other main attack skills: Cleave and Sunder are suggested. But other skills like Earthquake, Lacerate, Ice Crash could be used.
- Can run any map of any tier, up to T15, all can be done deathless (such as hard ones like T15 Core). All guardians can be done too, pretty straightforward.
- You can choose between Soul Taker or Varunastra Sword (available after 2.3.2 release).
- Extremely cheap end-game develop. You can get all your gear up and running for end-game content for 1 exalted.
- Really beginner friendly develop, but not limited to that. You can always improve it while you get some additional currency.
- Can do deathless Normal Atziri easily.

Go to Builds:

2.Bleed Flurry Brutality (Fast + Lab + HotG + T16 + Shaper + Uber Atziri)
This build guide is an active and ongoing collaboration between Little_MessPM and Bladewing_M; LMPM is natively a Russian language speaker so he asked me to create a guide for his 100% original make. All credit for the construct goes to him, and the guide is written from his POV.)
Greetings, and welcome to my guide! After theorycrafting and testing this build in the 3.0 beta to great success, I was shocked when the Fall of Oriath launch ended up making it even stronger. In the first week of Harbinger league, I?¡¥ve used this make to farm lab, destroy all guardians, and kill the Shaper. Oh, and the clear speed is great too. Sound too good to be true?
Develop Pros:
+ Strong (great damage output)
+ Resilient (good survivability)
+ Fast (solid clear speed)
Make Cons:
- Does?¡¥t get a much offensive boost from aura bot (Brutality)
- A few semi-expensive items, especially jewels (though I?¡¥m using this as my league-starter without too much trouble)
- Not immune to Phys reflect (totem can handle it for single packs)

Go to Builds:

3. Explosive Cleave / Lacerate Gladiator. Insane Clear Speed, Solid Defenses, and Spending budget
This create destroys map content and is built very defensively and is based on the passive ‘Gratuitous Violence‘ from the Gladiator Ascendancy. This skill explodes all bleeding monsters on death and deals 10% of their maximum life in physical damage. To scale this damage exponentially, we use a variety of methods including lots of purely physical damage (not weapon damage), area damage, flame golem, jewels, frenzy charges, Herald of ash and Hatred. We use Cleave because it allows us to maintain permanent frenzy and endurance charges without running Bloodrage (due to the node ‘Outmatch and Outlast’).
Develop Pros:
+ Insane clear speed
+ Very Defensive
+ Arctic Armour
+ Insane mobility
+ Budget
+ High Block + Spell Block
+ Very Fun!
+ Talking Axe to keep you company
Develop Cons:
- Needs Fast Gameplay to maintain charges
- Can’t Run Reflect / Blood magic maps

Go to Builds:

4.Generic HC RT Sunder Gladiator League Starter
Ever since the AoE nerfs to Earthquake there seems to be a lack of simple and reliable melee league starter build guides here around the forums. That’s why I’ve decided on making a guide on what I’ve been successfully using as a starter in both the Breach HC and Legacy HC challenge leagues and am currently using in 3.0.
Create Pros:
- Easily deals with all content leveling up until yellow maps on a 4-link
- Easy to gear out
- Tanky, as we are stacking life around the tree and gear as effectively as various forms of free mitigation, making this build hard to die on.
- reliable
- foolproof
Make Cons:
- It’s not Flameblast Totems.
- It’s not very flashy and there will be no shattering enemies.
- while it can do high tier maps and other endgame content, provided you invest into proper gear, you’re probably better off just starting your 2nd character and spending your accumulated wealth on that instead.

Go to Builds:

5.Bloodrayne Gladiator – Lacerate Construct Insane Clearspeed
Q: How much block does ur construct have?
A: I added defense stats, 42% attack and spell block right now.

Q: Since I’m playing in the Hardcore league, would u suggest to take the spell block ascendancy in merc lab and “Outmarch and outlast” in the uber lib.
A: Ye, you should do this! Btw you have to look for more HP in items. I’ve got only ~5k hp in Essence Softcore, but I didn’t look at hp in my gear.

Q: Are there any options if u don’t want to go BoR?
A: I thought about Abyssus + Belly, but I didn’t test it yet.

Q: I have not enough Poe currency?
A: You can go Poe map and farming yourself or you can go buy cheap Poe currency use money!

Make PROS:
+ Very High Damage
+ Insane Clearspeed (!)
+ Capable of doing all map mods
+ Very High Attack Speed
+ Good Mobility
+ High Spell/Attack Block
+ Budget [~2,5ex for all items]
+ 20%/20lv Gems = Offscreen Clear = A Lots Of Fun :D
+ Very Safe
+ Auto Targeting
Develop CONS:
- Need Gem/Aura Modification To Run Ele/Phys Reflect and Blood Magic Mods (but it is still viable)
- Softcore Recommended

Go to Builds:
Usually, they may be not worth the problems for causes which are enough inside the extended run. Although they’re useful for players who may well know practically nothing regarding the game. For probably the most aspect, they’re learning tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For far more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you could take a look at Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code free of charge in the reps if you Obtain Poe Currency order from this article.

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Several Large-Scale Expansions In PoE Recent Years

In Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games is constantly updating the game, bringing free expansions and new Leagues. In recent years, Path of Exile have several large-scale expansions, it constantly to bring surprises and challenges for collectors of poe exalted orb.

Path of Exile

1. The first digital expansion of Path of Exile was the Sacrifice of the Vaal.

it was released on 5 March 2014. The expansion included new bosses, currency, areas, leagues, and PvP modes.

2. The second expansion, Forsaken Masters.

It was announced on 31 July 2014 and released on 20 August 2014 at 3pm Pacific. It comes with a host of new features, including crafting, recruitable NPCs called Masters, reworked passive skill tree, and customized personal hideouts.

3. The third expansion, the Awakening

Entered closed beta on 20 April 2015. It includes the addition of a fourth Act containing new map tilesets, quests, and monsters. Other additions include new skills and items, passive skill tree sockets and jewels, item filters, two new challenge leagues, and game balance. The Awakening expansion was released on July 10, 2015.

The Ascendancy expansion pack was released on March 4, 2016. Including more than the usual new items and skills, the expansion added several new skills and 19 new ascendancy classes.

4. The fourth expansion, titled Atlas of Worlds.

It was released on September 2, 2016. It introduced a new end-game, 30 new maps and 19 new bosses.

5. The fifth expansion, War for the Atlas.

On November 16th, 2017 a new expansion called War for the Atlas was revealed. It focus on overhauling the Atlas of Worlds, adding 32 new maps, 10 new skill gems, 48 new unique items, and extending the story.

6. The sixth expansion, the Bestiary

In the Bestiary Challenge League, hunter-scavenger Einhar Frey teaches you to hunt, capture and sacrifice beasts in order to craft powerful items. Path of Exile’s March Updated includes the Bestiary League, dozens of new items, new gems, new end-game content, and more.

7. The seventh expansion, Incursion

Path of Exile’s next league: Incursion Challenge League will launch on June 1 on PC and June 4 on Xbox One. We look forward to its arrival just like you.

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Most Players Eventually Ignore What Aspects of the Path of Exile

With a couple of weeks left before the new league starts, and people already getting into that in-between-leagues mode especially with the flashback event hype winding down, it might be nice to revisit and rediscover some possible aspects to the game that some might be ignoring without realizing how helpful or profitable they could be. Do you want to poe buy currency? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

Eventually Ignore

Not to point out any specific drop, but the Poe Trade macro downright tripled my usual profits last league. The ease of quickly pricechecking uniques and rares, and more importantly, the knowledge gained on what makes an item valuable, was immensely helpful.

Here are some of the more popular or promising ones:

Filterblade / Neversink’s Item Filter

  • Highly customizable, extremely detailed/thorough and incredibly well-designed loot filter that is able to efficiently distinguish and highlight item drops with amazing accuracy.
  • Quite possibly the best and most essential PoE tool out there.

POE Trade Macro

  • Requires AutoHotkey
  • Lets you see item info and search prices in different modes from inside the game with simple keyboard commands

Path of Building

  • An offline build planner. Very powerful, lots of info, but can be overwhelming.
  • Some people use it to plan and theorycraft builds from scratch I guess; but personally, my most helpful use-case for it is when I import my character into it and tweak stuff with all my character’s data already there to decide how to further develop the character I’m already playing.

Mercury Trade

  • Requires Java
  • Provides a graphical interface/overlay in the game to facilitate trades with other players seamlessly. Almost all commands (aside from actually transferring items) are handled by a mouse click.
  • Item highlighting – you can do some very basic setup so that once you are contacted by a buyer, you can just mouse over a popup on the overlay to highlight where the item is in your stash tab.
  • Chat scanning – you can setup the chat scanner to display a popup when it finds certain keywords. useful for example when you need specific uber trials and you don’t want to constantly keep your eye on global 820 or trade 820. sample of what it looks like: screenshot. & the official PoE Trade Search

  • The de facto item search tools. extremely powerful.

  • League economy information.
  • Also has a very informative builds page where you can filter through the top players in the current league and narrow down information by ascendancy, what skills are used, what uniques are used, what Keystones are taken, and my personal favorite: The passive tree heatmap to show you the most common skill pathing used for whatever character build you filter.
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Do You Know The Ebony Barracks In PoE Act 3

In Path of Exile, the Ebony Barracks is an area in Act 3. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Sewers, The Lunaris Temple Level 1, and The Imperial Gardens.

This area is divided into levels connected by stairs, with the lowest floor at the bottom of the area leading to the highest floor at the top. On the right of the map there is an overgrown wall that moves up to the Lunaris Temple.

Path of Exile

In the middle of the overgrown wall you will find the entrance to The Imperial Gardens, the waypoint is located near that entrance. By climbing the large stairs you will eventually encounter General Gravicius’ base which has a large tent and red carpet near the stairs.

Behind the base is the Lunaris Temple, as you get closer to temple the ground changes to black tile surrounded by columns and dead ribbons. And you will encounter the following monsters:

1. General Gravicius

He is a boss in Act 3, located in The Ebony Barracks. Defeating him is the objective of the quest Sever the Right Hand.

For this boss, fire resistance is crucial. When at range he will spam his Firestorm skill and his Molten Shell. His Molten shell does a lot of fire damage which could even 1 shot weaker characters. In addition to the fire damage he deals, 2 of his guards cast a curse (Flammability) that reduces your fire resistance.

General Gravicius has a high energy shield, so it may take some time to defeat him. Do not be afraid to use a portal scroll to refill your potions if they run out.

2. Blackguard Arcmage

They are a type of Blackguard spellcaster that can be found in the Ebony Barracks. They specialize in lightning spells. They are rather dangerous as they cast Lightning Thorns on allies making them reflect lightning damage to you when you hit them. It is recommended to take them out first before turning to the other Blackguard Soldiers and Blackguard Elites.

Conversely, if you have a way to use enemies against your foes (Raise Spectre, Dominating Blow, etc), these are a good bet.

3. Blackguard Elites

They are a type of melee Blackguard.

4. Blackguard Soldier

He is a type of Blackguard found in Act 3.

There’s a lot more players guide on, so be sure to check out if you need some guides.

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