Blizzard hopes to make WOW daily system more reasonable

Activision Blizzard released the fiscal 2012 fourth quarter and full year earnings on February 8, the data is excellent. Paid subscribers of WOW Gold, however, continued to decline. An updated version of the Blizzard spared no effort to fix the bug, but more and more players that World of Warcraft gradually become tasteless.

Blizzard will launch the 5.2 version of the World of Warcraft Raytheon Advent. Patch involves new equipment, new copy, and lowering random copy of difficulty, and so on. As new players in a media interview Association president, players and people in the industry, their view is a composite of the new version, just to increase the content of the game, and no cure for the World of Warcraft can not be integrated into the game, PVP nobody to play such fundamental problems .

In version 5.2, the Blizzard system for the often-criticized daily and random copy made the adjustment. Day-to-day system remains to be the practical effect of verification, random copies adjustment makes the game more lunch, industry people are not optimistic about the changes.

Blizzard hopes to improve the day-to-day system, the day-to-day system becomes reasonable. Increased interactivity, so the originally tedious day-to-day system becomes interesting. The designers promise, the day-to-day with the story as it develops the birth, if you do not understand the story may not be able to open the follow-up of the day-to-day tasks. In addition, Blizzard designed for random copy of a gain buff; stacking up a team destroy missions, they will get a 10-story buff each floor plus 5% of all the properties. Soon after, the team even if the amount of water, over this is not difficult. Whether this change is to take care of a novice, or connivance speculators are also a bad idea to be seen. 

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