Attacking the supreme champions will earn you extra points

Beleaguered site foreman Oomad Arrow needs all hands on deck. Free players and members alike can pitch in, making medals, producing construction components (only for members), and creating fine fusion cuisine; all vital for making the Gielinor Games an event to remember. Speak to Oomad Arrow in Varrock square to get started. You can complete each of these three tasks once per day, each day until the Gielinor Games begin. You’ll earn plenty of Smithing, Mining, Cooking and Construction XP (for members) for helping out, as well as contribution points, which can be spent on some athletically themed rewards once the games kick off. Be sure to visit Oomad’s shop for a sneak preview!

To create the bolts: 93 Fletching 85 Woodcutting You must buy bolt tips from Mami Rimba, as these cannot be made separately. Once you have cut the logs, you must fletch the bolt shafts and add the tips while remaining close to the tree. The logs or unfinished bolts will disintegrate if taken away. To use the bolts: 80 Ranged Rune or chaotic crossbow. Attacking the supreme champions will earn you extra points, and claiming the weapons will earn you an increased rate of trophy bones, which can be used to purchase some fun rewards from Marv at the Crucible’s entrance. A Clan Citadel must be owned by 5 clanmates or more, otherwise the Citadel becomes inaccessible after the next build tick until such a time that the clan regains those 5 clanmates.

You can now access the Slayer rewards shop without having completed Smoking Kills. However, you must still have completed the quest to buy anything other than the new co-op rewards. If you’ve had your private chat settings set to ‘off’ for a very long time, you may find that Slayer group invites are not blocked. To fix this, simply change your private chat to another setting, and then change it back to ‘off’. Discuss this here. View the Patch Notes Archive here. In this brand new quest, available to all members and with no entry requirements, you’ll be able to gain access to a new upgradeable crossbow and several hidden XP rewards while trying to free the innocents from the grip of this most crippling condition.


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