A river’s lake veteran eager to nostalgia,”old school”

In February, 2013, members to vote back to an “old school” service nostalgia – hungry player. This site offers a real jianghu all members of the service in the year to August 2007 at no additional cost. A dedicated team to provide ongoing maintenance this version of a close and vibrant community choice through community investigation content updates on a regular basis. You can contact us if you want to sell runescape accounts.



If you are a river’s lake veteran eager to nostalgia, or just a member of the curious history of jianghu, trapped in at any time! When you will start from scratch “old school” server, it will not affect your progress in the main game. Also can farm many runescape gold in 2007 on the server when you are old school play, if you are too lazy, just buy runescape gold on runescapegold2007.com.


You are asked for a period of expanding old school team, we are doing this. We have started advertising role of the old school of young artists. You can sell runescape accounts and account to pay the old school.


Artist team will allow us to create a new model for the game, this would mean that the possibility of new monsters, items, and you play with scenery. Individuals must, of course, we want in an old school, which is why we hope the new artists from the old school community. The power of the old school is its community, need to reflect on every level.


If you have a tendency to and art and love his Alma mater to see this great opportunity. We are sure that you want to know the easiest way to make money, we will release some guidance, you only need to check our news updates, you will have a great harvest.


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