A look at Final Fantasy XIV’s new character creator

ffxiv charscreens epl 1023 A look at Final Fantasy XIVs new character creator

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Final Fantasy XIV players already knew that the game’s character creator is being overhauled when the game’s relaunch goes live. Now, the development team at Square-Enix has finally given us a clearer picture of what to expect from the creator in A Realm Reborn with five new screens showing off some of the options within the new tool as well as the overall interface players will be experiencing. It’s not the full picture, but it’s enough for fans to start getting a feel for what’s on the way.

Several of the options appear to be returning from the current version of the game, while still others are being added or expanded (no doubt some players will be happy to see that a character’s bust size is now freely selectable, for example). The overall look is far more streamlined and straightforward compared to the current version. There’s no hint of new hairstyles, but you can take a look at the full preview in the gallery just below.


50 A look at Final Fantasy XIVs new character creator


I’m pretty interested in this, my friend was a corporate manager of Gamestop back in the day and scored a few alpha test spots. Needless to say the game was horrible and I’m a half glass full kind of guy. When the game released I decided to give it another shot…..


I swear they did nothing else to the game lol! It felt like I was playing the alpha test again! I only played half a day. The UI would take like 40 seconds to pop up and I hated the way you leveled up. You accepted a mission and had a time limit to get it done.


Have they changed that awful questing system? I’ve saw the new UI and it looks great but I have not ran across anything about the questing.


50 A look at Final Fantasy XIVs new character creator


I actually grew interested about FFXIV several months ago, picked up the game for like 5$ and decided to give it a try… The process to start an account and login to make characters was one of the most over-complicated messes I’ve seen in gaming to date.  Never ended up actually playing it, has the process been streamlined any?

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