Construction Guide

Construction is a long-awaited members only skill. It allows players to build a mansion with up to 30 rooms, build furniture, decorate the house, and invite friends into their exclusive domain. So, what could you do in your house, you ask? Player-owned houses are very useful as they provide various teleportation options or an altar at which you can pray. But there are many fun activities to do in a house as well. You could ring a bell to call your servant, who will serve food or drinks. The food will be useful if you call your friends over for a friendly boxing match. You could also play many non-combat games with your friends, such as darts. Or you could simply spend your time watching through a telescope, making yourself beautiful or playing music. You could also craft toys, paint armour or warm yourself in front of a fire, to give just a few examples of the many things that can be done at home…
An extremely useful reference for any player is the complete and sortable Construction Table, listing ALL rooms, items, materials, XP, and descriptions in one place (instead of only by room).
To begin, take 1000 coins to an Estate Agent’s office in Varrock, Falador, East Ardougne, or Seers’ Village (for detailed maps see the Estate Agents section.) He sells you a house at the initial location, which is in Taverley just north of the bank/lodestone. He also gives you a book, which has some information about Construction.
Now grab some cash and some normal logs (at least 11) and head east outside Varrock’s walls to the lumberyard (east of the Jolly Boar Inn). Buy a Saw right away from the Sawmill Operator at the Lumberyard’s south entrance (13 coins). He will also take your logs and change them into planks for 100 coins each. Get several pack loads made, to save travelling back here again. You can also get Oak, Teak or Mahogany planks made, for higher fees (see Materials), although you won’t be able to use them until your Construction level is higher.

You should also buy some Bolts of cloth from him, for 650 each. Get a good supply – at least 5 to start. (Note that player-made Cloth woven at Looms will not work.)

You will need nails. Iron nails fail some of the time – steel nails fail less often. At least 50 is a good starting supply. Don’t invest in thousands, as Oak planks and above do not require nails.

If you want to plant your garden first, go to Falador Park and buy at least 2 Bagged Plant 1 from the Garden Supplier east of the Tree patch. Bring your Watering can to your house along with the plants.

If you want to build a Fireplace right away, bring 3 soft clay.

Now get a hammer, your saw, 11 planks, 5 bolts of cloth, at least 11 nails (twice or triple as many to allow for breakage, but they are stackable), and perhaps 10K coins. Also bring your 2 Bagged plant 1′s and 3 soft clay, if desired. Go to your house in Taverley. The large glowing portal is the entrance to your very own house, shown on the minimap with this icon:
Choose building mode. You will be teleported to your house, in the build mode options you can choose between teleporting to outside of the house portal, or alternatively directly into your house.

Welcome! Notice how quiet and peaceful it is. There will be nobody stepping all over the place unless you invite them!

You arrive in a ghostly garden (each item is a potential “spot” to make or plant something). When you click inside your rather tumbledown shack you will see similar ghostly items. Walk to one of the chairs and select “Build”. A menu of chair types will appear. Select the Crude wooden chair (the only one you can make at Level 1). Two planks and two nails will be consumed (assuming your nails don’t break), and you will have a real chair for sitting! Make a second chair now. You will get a Construction level (total 116 XP)!

At level 2 you can make a rug (2 cloth; 30 XP), as well as some torn curtains (3 planks, 3 cloth, 3 nails; 132 XP) which cover all windows in the room. This brings your level high enough to make a Bookcase (4 planks, 4 nails; 115 XP). Do it!

Congratulations, you are now Level 5 and ready to build a Kitchen (5000 gp) and progress further in Construction!

If you brought soft clay, you can also make a Fireplace (3 soft clay; 30 XP). If you brought Bagged Plant 1′s, pick any plant location (small or big, 1 or 2) in your garden and plant them. You can start a second Garden for 1000 coins, as well, and plant more. Planting also earns equal amounts of Farming XP.
A complete and sortable Construction Table, listing ALL rooms, items, materials, XP, and descriptions is now available. The table pops up showing only levels 1 to 20 at first, but allows you to sort and filter it many ways to focus on items of interest.
Almost all the rooms in your house offer special features. Listed below are some of the most important features, which hopefully will help you in your game life.

At every 5 skill levels, you are able to build a new room type. Costs rise with higher level rooms. Take careful note of the doorways each room offers, so that when you build the room you can position it accordance with your house needs. Stairway rooms may require additional effort, since the stair will ascend from the side of the room opposite the doorway where you installed it. (If you want the bottom of your stairs to face the front of the house, build the room from the doorway behind the desired location.) Click on the room name in the table below to pull up a sortable table of the items that can be built there, showing the level needed, materials, experience, hotspot, and uses. 

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