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What FIFA 16 will be Losing on Xbox 360 and PS3

With the build up to the FIFA 16 release, EA Sport have been showing what will be available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Today they’ve revealed what will (and won’t) be included with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 release.

Here is what they won’t be including in the release for the previous generation consoles:


Creation Center

Custom Music and Chants

The FIFA Interactive World Cup (Available for Playstation 4 & Xbox One)
In-game presentation with Jeff Stelling (also remove from Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC)

Match Lobbies

Secondary English Commentary with Clyde Tyldesley and Andy Townsend

Now that we know what won’t be included, here is what will be coming to the two consoles:

Confidence in Defending – The upgrades to the defending in the game will be included, meaning you should be able to rely on your team to defend as a unit and be able to balance between attack and defence when tracking opponents.

Defensive Agility – mobility and locomotion changes to allow for better opponent tracking.

Defend as a Unit – Defend together, win together.

New Tackling Fundamentals – new slide and standing tackles to make going for the ball more fun and rewarding.

Control in Midfield – more focus on the midfield game, including the importance of possession.

Interception Intelligence – anticipation of passes and options for shutting player down.

Passing with Purpose – passing should be sharper, incisive and more precise.

Moments of Magic – A focus on the creation of WOW moments to cut through defences.

No Touch Dribbling – more creativity when dribbling, giving more options in attacking defence.

Clinical Finishing – Finishing like a pro, featuring better placement of the foot and ankle allowing for more variety in the shooting and goal attempts.

New Ways to play

Women’s National Team – 12 Women’s National Teams included.
FUT Draft – Draft a squad and challenge opponents in a series of four matches to win coins, packs and more.

New Legends in FUT 16 (Xbox 360 only) – Includes the Legends Chemistry links.

New Interface Improvements – Updated menus to make them more user friendly.

Compete at a Higher Level

FIFA Trainer – Allows for an optional graphical overlay to give the player more prompts during gameplay to help them improve their performance.
Skill Games – New skill games have now been added.

Unrivalled Authenticity

Stadiums – Nine new stadiums bringing the number up to 50 licensed and 28 generic.

New or Updated Player Starheads – This includes likenesses from the Women’s National Team, FUT Legends and other updated players.

Commentary – Options now include Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, and all-new Russian Commentary Team.

Game Modes

FIFA Ultimate Team, featuring FUT Draft

Career Mode

Be a Pro Player

Be a Pro Goalkeeper

Tournament Mode

Women’s International Cup

Online Seasons

Online Friendlies

Co-Op Seasons


Play Next Fixture

Pratice Arena

The reason given for the removal of certain options was down to console limitations and available resources. While players on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 may not like it, this will obviously be something that starts to happen more often.

Will you be getting FIFA 16 on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360? Let us know your thoughts on the new announcements.

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Fifa 16 Coins – 5Mins Delivery



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Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Here you can find the best gameplay tips and tricks for beginners in FIFA 16.

FIFA 16Gameplay Tips for FIFA 16 Beginners

●Activate the Trainer by pressing the left analog stick. This gives you a good tip on how you should act in every situation.

● Adjust the lineup before the game according to the opponent and your playing style under team management. For example, you can change the formation and set an offensive or defensive style.

● Apply the tactic full attack only if you are just back shortly before the end.

● Fully use the substitution to bring fresh players in the second half. Optimally your fresh striker can run off the meager defenders.

●Instruct the players in corners and other standard situations. So, you can determine which posts are to be covered and where a player should wait.

● Play patiently especially in offense where you should leisurely outwit the opposing defense.

●Put on the right teams in FIFA 16. The strongest teams are probably Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

●During the game you can choose between the game styles of “very defensive” and “very offensive” with the directional pad. You can respond to the actual situations at any time.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Tips

●Ultimate team is the most popular game mode in FIFA 16. Here are some FUT 16 tips for beginners.

●At the beginning, it is important to collect as many FIFA 16 coins as possible and quickly build a stable team.

● Buy players in the transfer market instead of buying only packs. In doing so, you can save a lot of coins, since it is very unlikely to draw a pop player in the packs.

● Pay attention to the team chemistry. Search for players who play in the same league or who have the same nationality.

●Play seasons instead of tournaments because in a tournament a defeat means the end.

●Do not shop at peak times in the transfer market. Players are less expensive in morning and afternoon. Players will be more expensive again at night.


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FIFA 16:Cyber criminal steal coins from top YouTubers

Steal Coins

An EA spokesperson said: “We encourage all Fifa players to secure their accounts with authentication and verification steps, which we outline on our help and our product sites. We are consistently working through our customer experience teams to secure accounts and make sure players are educated when account compromises are made.”

Well-known YouTubers including W2S and NepentheZ have been targeted by criminals who gained access to their EA accounts to steal thousands of pounds worth of in-game currency. As well as stealing millions of “Fifa coins” the cyber-thieves also sold valuable players in the game’s Ultimate Team mode.

The criminals are thought to have called Fifa’s publisher and developer EA pretending to be the YouTube personalities in an attempt to get their EA Origins accounts transferred to an email address in possession of the hackers.

W2SNepentheZAnEsonGibNick28TBateson87 and MattHDGamer are the YouTubers affected. Between them they have over 9.5 million subscribers with videos racking up hundreds of thousands of views. Each has uploaded a video about how they got hacked, which can be found in the links above.

Speaking to the BBC, Matthew Craig, the man behind MattHDGamer, said: “There have been about 10 or more accounts which have been hacked over the last two weeks, me included.” He says EA apologised once he had alerted them to the hack and have helped him since. “They got my account back, added four or five more security measures, and my account has been fine since.”

The Fifa series’ Ultimate Team mode has become the most popular facet of the long-running, highly-successful series. In it players build a squad through play and the acquisition of Fifa coins, which they can use to purchase packs of cards featuring new players and bonuses or purchase players outright in the transfer market. To speed up progress users can purchase Fifa coins with money, giving players real world value.

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Everything You Have To Know about FIFA 16



The game was released on September 22, 2015 in the United States and September 24, 2015 in Europe. The title was met with some outcry over changes made to the series but it was still met with mostly positive reviews from game critics.

While the game was brought to most of the usual platforms such as the PS4, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and even mobile games, it is not being brought to the Vita or the Nintendo 3DS. That is especially noteworthy considering it’s the first time that the game won’t be offered on some sort of Nintendo platform. The company also changed the way it developed games for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. While many of the features offered in the PS4 and Xbox One and PC are present in the last generation platforms, features like Creation Centre, custom music and chants, the FIFA Interactive World Cup, GameFace, match lobbies and the secondary English commentary from Andy Townsend and Clyde Tyldesley have all been left out of the last generation version of FIFA 16.

Late in the development process, EA Sports had to remove 13 female soccer players from the game, due to threats being made by the NCAA. The athletic association told the video game company that if those 13 players were included in the game, it would jeopardize those players’ eligibility. EA Sports said they didn’t agree with the decision and claimed it had fulfilled all conditions but still took the players out of the game in order to avoid damaging their careers. The 13 players are:

  • Kadeisha Buchanan, Canada
  • Jessie Fleming, Canada
  • Ashley Lawrence, Canada
  • Janine Beckie, Canada
  • Rebecca Quinn, Canada
  • Sura Yekka, Canada
  • Celia Jiménez, Spain
  • Tanya Samarzich, Mexico
  • Greta Espinoza, Mexico
  • Christina Murillo, Mexico
  • Amanda Perez, Mexico
  • Emily Alvarado, Mexico
  • Maria Sanchez, Mexico


In addition to the usual gameplay features that are included in most of the FIFA series games, FIFA 16 has added the revamped Career mode. Players will be able to play in 78 different stadiums, 50 of which are real world venues based and modeled after the actual stadiums. The game has also overhauled the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mode. While that part of the gameplay has been included in a number of other games in the series. The game has added a new draft mode. The other modes that have been included in the previous games in the series return as well.



All of the men’s FIFA teams that have been included in previous versions of the game’s series return in FIFA 16. The new additions in this game are the women’s teams. There are 12 international women’s teams in this year’s game:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United States of America



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FIFA 16:How To Play Like A God



1. Knowledge

Before you can run, you must learn how to walk. FIFA 16 is a very complex game, with many types of shooting, passing and dribbling. To learn the basics, or even the most advanced features, take a peek at the videos that EA Sports has made available in the main menu. You can also use the new help system that provides contextual tips for players during matches. Play some games on the weaker difficulty settings and pay attention to the pointers from the help system.

2. Practice

After you have learned the theory of FIFA 16, it’s time to put it into practice, and for this there is nothing better than beating the various Skill Games with top marks. Some of these challenges can be quite difficult, but after several attempts, you should be evolving. If you can master theses Skill Games, you will be better prepared than ever to face FIFA – online and offline – and will know most of the secrets of the gameplay.

3. The Art of Defence

Defending in FIFA 16 is a complicated task, and it has been this way since EA Sports changed to a manual defensive scheme. If it actually proves too challenging, you can change back to the classic scheme, which is almost automatic. In the controls section choose the “Legacy Defending” option. Other than that, try to stay calm when defending. Don’t rush to the ball, or you will be dribbled past with ease. Calm, patience and timing are the foundations of a good defence.
FIFA 16 – Play Beautiful TV Commercial

4. Ball Retention

The artificial intelligence in FIFA 16 defends very well, so it’s natural that some players will find it hard to maintain possession of the ball. If that’s case for you, the first thing you should do is release the sprint button. There is often a tendency to run with the ball, but this can be a big mistake. Try to pass the ball frequently, wait for the other players to occupy the empty spaces and don’t risk too much. This will allow you to keep the ball for a longer period of time, and will eventually open up attacking possibilities.

5. Attacking with Purpose

There are several ways to attack in FIFA 16. You can cross into the area, defend deep and let them attack before hitting them on the break, shot from outside the area or even make some one-two plays near the oposite defenders. There’s no perfect way of attacking, but you should always take into account the team’s strengths and weaknesses. If your strikers are small, crossing might be an inefficient way of trying to score. On the other hand, if your forwards lack pace, it won’t be easy to launch rapid counterattacks. Be smart about how you attack and play to the best strengths of your team.

6. Tactics for Success

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Formations and tactics in FIFA 16 are more important than many initially consider. Players will often complain that their team sits back too far on the pitch, that their forwards are always straying offside, or that there’s not enough attacking runs in behind the opposition defence. All of this can actually be attributed to the team’s tactics. Spend a bit of time adjusting the formation of your team, and consider what mentality you want them to express on the pitch. Do this and you will surely notice improvements in the way they play, and it should better reflect your own personal style.

7. Unlock Free Stuff

Have you noticed that you earn FIFA points whenever you fulfil certain actions? Well, there is a place where you can spend these hard-earned points. Via the main menu, press R3 to visit the items catalog. Here you can unlock coins for FUT, alternative kits, new celebrations, cheats for career mode, and several extra balls; all unlockable with FIFA points.


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