Looking back of RS in 2013

Looking back at 2013, it Actually struck us what a massive year it’s been for RuneScape.It’s hard to Feel that in the Area of a year there’s been two epic scale world Occasions; a new Age group in RuneScape’s story; a brand new Talent; Numerous high-Finish bosses; an overhaul to the Online game’s interfaces; and […]

Runescape membership skills and friend system

Paying members only skills: Agility can make some of the players had not passed through the place. The herblaw is creating some potions to temporarily enhance the player’s combat effectiveness. Fletching bows manufacturing technology. Although the free version, players can also use bows and arrows, but paying members edition, bows have more styles. The last […]

RuneScape3 have changes with the previous

Jagex is the UK’s largest independent game developers , only the profits earned in the year had reached $ 50 million , the total number of employees also broke the 550 people , and will continue to expand. Jagex ‘s success stems from its 2001 launch of the works “RuneScape”, although the picture simple, but […]