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Play Final Fantasy XIV is the best way to turn off the sound

This is correct. Sound volume down. Ambient noise is muted. Silent screen, click and beeps, just lose yourself in Eorzea itself as the world’s lush and varied as the soundtrack. Here are some of my favorites so far.
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming To PlayStation 4 Sooner Than You Expect
Music Director of the Justice Research Institute brings together a dazzling array of talent weave a dreamy musical tapestry that covers the entire game like a warm blanket. Iconic Final Fantasy music has been rejuvenated, original works to join them, if they have been there. This is incredible.

Final Fantasy XIV in music: the realm of rebirth is wonderful, complex and satisfying, I found myself in the past few days, many stopped to listen. Let me play, is a pretty big deal, considering how hard it is to connect the server launch congestion.

At least the menu music is lovely.

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Final fantasy 14 international clothing archers skills


Bow the warlock belongs to Ranged DPS, positioning is Ranged, limited break effect is group respond to HP.

Bow warlock has strong maneuverability, the reason is that he can move and attack and can move without breaking when cast attack skills, at the same time have a control skills.

Bow warlock corresponding superior professional for bard, promotion condition: bow warlock levels 30 and satisfy an enchanter 15.

Characteristics: divided into GCD and non-public CD skills. Total CD skills is refers to the general public of cooling, is refers to the skills of those who cannot use at the same time, rather than the GCD skills, on the other hand, there is no global cooldown, can be used in conjunction with other skills. Other skills bow warlock consumption for TP consumption not drains MP. TP for 1000, every time a certain amount in battle.


Skills: a Heavy Shot: main attack skills, output effect is direct damage, ability damage, ability damage is not the actual damage, as for the skills in proportion to the damage and the actual damage reduction is not clear, the same below.) For 150. Cooperate with passive skills can lead to improve the skills of crit rate.

Skills 2: Straight Shot: the buff skills plus attack damage. Skill damage for 140, buff effect to improve own crit rate, duration of 20 s.

Three skills: held Strikes: with a buff skill. Longer CD180S, have passive skills can reduce the CD to the 120 s. Effect of damage is increased by 20%, duration of 20 s.

Four skills: Venomous Bite (poisonous) : (although this skill can be understood as a WOW of a hunter’s serpent sting, but I want to say I hope everybody can make FF14 an all-new game, give up you will find more happiness in FF14 warcraft convention.) To direct damage sustained damage skills and direct damage by 100, plus 8 s sustained damage, can prolong sustained damage to 18 s passive skill.

Five: Misery ‘s End: the GCD skills, direct damage skills, skills damage for 180 (seems to remember is this value), the conditions of use target HP below 20%.

Six: Shadowbind: control skills, skills to explain translation should be making them fear, for 10 s, but the actual effect seemed to make the target in place, don’t know whether I fear set in place. Any damage will cancel effect.

Seven: Bloodletter: the GCD skills, direct damage skills, skills damage by 150, the conditions of use.

Eight: Repelling (beat) Shot: professional level 15 professional task after get the rewards. Effect is targeted at the same time its distance to the rear jumps end.

Skill 9: Quick Nock: AOE skill, the effect is damage to all enemies in front of the fan area must have goals, an observer-based cutting force.

Skills: ten Swiftsong: singing poems to make the movement speed increase of all players, at the same time there can only be a poetry effect and battle damage will disappear.

Eleven: Hawk ‘s Eye: BUFF skill, increases 20 accuracy within a certain time, cooling time 90 s.

Enough rest skills due to the level are not so I can’t tell. And passive skills such as increasing range and damage and so on.

As a DPS career, can hit the high DPS is the most important thing that there is no doubt.

Introduced skills, I believe that some people already know about bow warlock this career and has built up his own DPS output cycle. Here I only talk about their own cycle, not necessarily the best for your reference:

Continued to hurt hands held Strikes, Straight Shot crit buff, and then use both Venomous Bite and Heavy Shot to make the public skills CD into the CD, and then use the Heavy Shot filling, if trigger a Straight Shot effect, use Straight Shot, but also to ensure the buff, damage over time effect, use skills depending on their own fighting for rhythm, it’s difficult to say.

In addition to production of professional carpentry, auxiliary word choice for weapons do you know, the rest of the hobby, carpentry to practice better.

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Final fantasy 14 international professional clothing/task a detailed strategy

After two weeks of testing, in general the 2.0 version done a good job, there is no difficult place, even beginner can be started smoothly and don’t speak Japanese. Task location in the game had obvious hints, also has a convenient transfer system, there are lovely ostards help mobile. In general, in addition to a team without any not convenient place (will, of course, a team of Japanese English can be very convenient). Talk about the game there is no other character level, only the class level, for example now career is spell division, for example, the current level 20, illusionists rank 1, switching careers to illusionists then your grades will only have 1.

First talk about the task for system, the task is divided into three categories, the main line and branch line, professional tasks, task CARDS (should be able to separate a class = =). Done really take care of the couple, the task of the system of every task will tell you in the game of a system using the method, such as crystal transmission, transmission, wild night at home, the servant and so on. And task to obtain accurate calculation, after the experience value is the task of each level are just will allow you to ascend to the next level, and task in a couple of FATE on the way to upgrade faster.

For now, said several difficult task strategy method.

One, the main line, 14 task, everybody should be here the first encounter difficulty. Mainly is to make all of the game have a basic grasp of the battle, if you just make a basically pass away. Why is the basic is not absolute, the following task strategy will say 1 to o (╯ / ╰) o

Task in two parts, the first part is ou, no difficulty, the second part is the beginning, mainly makes a summoning, then the man in a mask. Summoning HP to about one 5 of reinforcements. Then could easily.

Strategy 1 – equipped suppressed, why is the equipment not level? Because this kind of task would limit level, but it will not be affected, equipment with high-grade equipment in with a few antidote what medicine can easily.

2 – this strategy depends on the degree of understanding of the game. 10 career after the completion of the task can make, if not, the countries will lease the land a ostards ran the sen, here to change your job illusionists, illusionists level 2 can be learned response prevention, physical damage in a lower grade 8 can be acquisition of magic (the duration is 30 minutes, with future missions strategy is also very helpful), with this magic the task is little difficult, antidote, of course, let’s take one or two.

Second, the vocational level 15 task, because we play the spell so only speak this said. The task need to let everybody understand the class and related skills to use, the correct use of words is no difficulty.

Strategy: the first step is the purpose of this task to the designated location specified items, therefore have extra needless fight. In front of the enemy is archer 4 people, two people can kill one by one. Note if the enemy to their increased after the attacks and crit BUFF with magic to let him sleep sleep, and then give yourself with blood. Behind both archers use magic to sleep the sleep, ran to get things directly. And then began to fight in the second stage. The second phase to avoid fighting himself alone in the face of the enemy. At first the lucky E gave he went to sleep, put an NPC that his aborted. Then there would be no difficulty, less blood NPCS will help you.

Third, the main task level 20, inflammation yves god. This is a copy for 4 people team, the difficulty is not high, the key is to look at the coordination and operation.

Strategy: the first is a team. Can rent to others, also can let other people set themselves. Because team only has four people, so suggest team members, 1 t and 2 DPS, 1 reply. One phase is very good, playing without difficulty. BOSS HP50 % the following begin to enter the second stage, the BOSS will look in the eyes of the first call to a pact, this must give priority to abort, if the time limit not abort, BOSS of the flame will seconds off all hell, wipe directly. After the abortion, hell fire should be about a quarter of the blood, the milk will give T reply, other three drugs monthly bleeding. This process must be fast, because the BOSS is range skill set on to the next. Range skill damage is very high, largely in the dying, also good attack the ground attack range, must Sun Su escape, do not increase the nurse pressure (props h. CD for a long time, about 1 minute or so = =), otherwise it is easy to wipe. Avoid attack several times after the BOSS and will continue to recruit, or it is good to avoid attention, repeated several times, you can see the dawn of the victory.

Four, finally, ostards task, the task is to get its own exclusive ostards task, don’t miss oh.

Strategy: this task is very simple, yves in later, will let you choose to join an alliance, to join the league of later will appear next to a straight line task, let you give a ostards, ostards vouchers need to use for a vote of 1000 army, there are two main ways get way of the vote, is a kind of scheduling tasks (like that name). This to get the ticket is less, the second is to FATE, this can get a the army of more than 200 votes, will soon be able to raise 1000.

Then say FATE system. FATE is the random events on the map, generally have submitted items, mixed weapon in qing dynasty, the BOSS this several. Participate in time can get a good reward, including experience value, game currency and the ticket. In FATE must pay attention to the FATE level don’t and your level of plus or minus above magnitude 5, otherwise there is no reward. Location of FATE, type, rating has prompt information map.

Finally, career. Professional is divided into combat career and life two clock each contain more than one job. Combat professional include: sword warlock, bow warlock, dragon knight, such as life career, including: the alchemist, tailor, gardener, etc. Professional just as its name implies is to combat the relevant professional combat, a strange upgrade, dozen copies on the career. Life career mainly production, mining career, can be advanced production equipment, advanced props, can let you don’t have to have fun and professional equipment. These are your initial career after 10 levels, the corresponding professional task finish can be turned.

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Getting up to speed on Final Fantasy XIV as it is

If you’re just joining us after a rousing session of Final Fantasy XIV, this column may not exactly be for you because this week isn’t about speculation; it’s about discussing the many things that people don’t like about Final Fantasy XIV which either no longer exist or are known to be removed in version 2.0.

This might seem like it’s kind of silly, but honestly, I think there’s a lot of stuff that people not actively following FFXIV don’t know about. The game’s biggest burst of visibility happened when it launched, just like every other game in the history of anything ever. While the game isn’t for everyone now any more than it was a year ago, the development staff has taken pains to address gaps in the structure and improve the play experience for everyone.

So here’s an article about just that. And while you might already know the content of the article, the next time you know someone worried about something in the game that’s long since been excised, you can point him back here.

ffxiv moglog changes 1 epl 907 Getting up to speed on Final Fantasy XIV as it is“The fatigue system is horrible!”

Yes, it was. It was almost impossible to hit the fatigue threshold, but it sure did no favors for players when you did hit it. It was definitely one of the worst features of the game, and its removal was marked by a collective sigh of relief from players.

But it was removed. And we’re not talking a patch from last week or something; the system went the way of all flesh back in July of last year. It’s long since been excised, and I can’t even say that I ever managed to hit the penalty in the first place. Don’t be afraid of it; it doesn’t exist.

“UI load times are absurd and the UI is awful!”

When FFXIV first launched, all UI modifications were handled server-side, most notably action bars. The net result was that trying to perform any useful functions took roughly a month, necessitating several lines of macros to properly equip your actions after any class change, which also took a great deal of time… you get the idea. The UI also suffered from no hardware mouse options, no ability to rebind keys or bind new functions, and so forth.

All of that has since been addressed. UI loads are entirely normal, hardware mouse is enabled, keybindings are open to all. The controls are still a bit odd, and the UI still isn’t as graceful as it could be, but the latter is being changed with version 2.0, and the former may very well see noteworthy upgrades as well.

“You have to play the game with a controller!”

See above. Controller support is still there, but rebinding keys is pretty much painless now.

“The whole levequest reset nonsense is unacceptable!”

A year ago, the game rolled out a major change to the way leves worked. The current system awards you with four leve allowances every 12 hours, with allowances stacking up to a maximum of 99. While it’s still possible to run out, it’s much more difficult.

Furthermore, version 2.0 is moving leves out of their current “main content” spot and moving quests into the forefront, which will mean that leve allowances will matter even less — if they even still exist. (We haven’t heard much about leves in the new Eorzea yet; we just know they’re not as all-important.)

“Combat is slow and clunky!”

Everyone has different preferences for combat, but there have been a number of changes to the combat system from its original incarnation. The stamina system has been removed entirely, and players have access to single-person combos between sequential attacks. While you still don’t wind up with the ability-spam of a game like World of Warcraft, it’s a far cry from what it used to be. Version 2.0 looks to speed things up a bit further as well.

ffxiv moglog changes 2 epl 907 Getting up to speed on Final Fantasy XIV as it is“The graphics are so poorly optimized!”

This is as true about the game today as it was two years ago, something I found out to my chagrin when I tried maxing the settings on my new computer. However, 2.0 will be using a new graphics engine that’s meant to run better on a wider variety of machines. There’s no way of knowing how successful it will be in that goal, but it’s certainly being addressed.

“I just want a darn auction house.”

Good news! The market wards have a search function and a purchase function that basically mirrors the functionality of the Final Fantasy XI auction house. Not perfectly so, since you still have to leave retainers somewhere, but it’s close to the correct functionality.

In 2.0, odds are good that we’ll have that proper auction house at long last. Repurposing the market wards to serve some of that function would be a fine idea, since the wards aren’t a terrible idea, they’re just not functionally structured or remotely easy to use.

“Where are the chocobos?”

There are chocobos! There have been chocobos around for a while now. You can buy one as a permanent mount, you can rent one, and in 2.0, you’ll be able to raise your own specialized bird. There are chocobos. Don’t fear the lack of yellow horsebirds because they are in existence!

“I bought the game, I was disappointed, and I don’t want to subscribe again for more disappointment.”

Everyone who purchased the game gets another free month once 2.0 goes live. You also get your characters transferred over, so you can start from where you left off or start over from scratch. You don’t have to fret over losing progress or items; everything will still be there if you want to give it another shot.

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Retailers instructed to destroy Final Fantasy XIV stock

retail Retailers instructed to destroy Final Fantasy XIV stock

Is Square-Enix issuing a termination order for store copies of Final Fantasy XIV? That’s the disturbing rumor that’s emerged today, as a retailer on the NeoGaf forums posted an email stating that the company has decreed that stores rid themselves of the remaining stock.

The email states, “Square is discontinuing Final Fantasy XIV. They will be doing a field destroy credit of $16.00 each.”

This move may be in preparation for the upcoming version 2.0 of the title, now called A Realm Reborn, which is slated to release for both PC and the PlayStation 3. A Realm Reborn will actually remove some of the content from FFXIV, possibly necessitating a new product. Square-Enix may also just be looking at rolling out a new package for the relaunched title.

When asked about the rumor, the company declined to address the email and stated that the beta will happen later this year.

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Consoles and the online Final Fantasy

You could be forgiven for losing faith in the prospect of Final Fantasy XIV ever coming out for the PlayStation 3. Yes, it had been a promised platform, but it wouldn’t be the first MMO to abandon console promises. Heck, the development team is still working on fulfilling some of the promises made by the original team; it could be forgiven for putting that one on the back burner.

But it’s a real thing. We’ve seen the screenshots, and we know that two years after the game’s initial launch, we will finally get to play around in Eorzea on our televisions. (The “we” in this case refers to fellow PS3 owners.) This is sort of a mixed blessing.

This isn’t a column about console gaming compared to PC gaming; I really don’t care which platform you prefer, and it’s also not the point. This is a column about the fact that Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV are both going to be console games as well as computer games, and that introduces some interesting wrinkles.

ffxiv moglog console 1 epl 1018 Consoles and the online Final FantasyInterface woes

I’ve mentioned in the past how Final Fantasy XI has suffered in no small part because it’s tied to the PlayStation 2. This isn’t because the PlayStation 2 is a bad console, nor is it because you can’t upgrade the hardware in a PS2 without bringing it out of designer specifications. No, a lot of that weakness is because of the limitations to what you can do with a console game, starting with the interface.

One of the complaints that many people had about FFXIV right from the start was that its interface seemed to assume you had a controller hooked up to your computer. I think it was just a case of an interface designed to serve both computer and console and succeeding at neither, but there was definitely an element of making sure that things were streamlined to the point that your controller could do all the work. Some tasks, like switching pages on your action bars, almost seem as if they’d be easier with a controller than a keyboard.

There’s no real way around this. Yes, you can hook a keyboard up to a console or a controller up to a computer, but in the latter case, you’re adding a third peripheral when your hands are designed to handle two at most. In the former case, you’re adding an accessory to your console for use in an exceptionally small number of games, possibly just the one.

FFXI was designed from the start for play on consoles, which is part of the reason the game has menu-based combat and an inelegant control schematic. FFXIV clearly has caved to some of the ideas of more modern design, but therein lies part of the problem. A glance at the interface screenshots suggests you’ve got about 16 action buttons on speed-dial. That means that fights have to be designed around playing with 16 abilities on tap because otherwise console players literally won’t be able to compete.

You can say that it doesn’t affect you on the PC, but part of the reason FFXIV was designed that way was to ensure that console and PC players were on equal footing for using abilities.

Then you’ve got issues like modifiable interfaces (a plus, but difficult on a console and yet expected if it’s in the PC version) and display issues (televisions don’t have the resolution of a good monitor, even HD ones), and just playing the game on two systems concurrently becomes a hassle. A manageable one, yes, but one that requires at least twice as much testing. Every update for FFXI has to work on three completely separate systems, and that adds more steps to the testing process and more failure points into an already complex system.

ffxiv moglog console 2 epl 1018 Consoles and the online Final Fantasy

A new order

Introducing the console to the FFXIV playerbase is going to bring some development issues. But it also has at least one major benefit for the game as a whole: making the relaunch stick.

I’ve talked for a while about how FFXIV needs to win the hearts and minds of many people who have sworn off the game for good. There are a lot of people who have never played the game, but the title is still synonymous with all manner of negative adjectives. It takes some sort of external force to counteract that, something like the launch of the game on a new platform with a whole lot of new and pretty-looking screenshots. You know, the sort of relaunch that really crystalizes the idea that this is a completely new game.

Right now, fantasy games of the sprawling baroque style have a bit of traction with the console audience. And while there are other MMOs available for the PlayStation 3, they’re currently all rather niche titles that don’t have the brand name visibility of a new Final Fantasy game. Even though the console version alone won’t repopulate the game, it will bring in new people, including those who had never paid much attention to it prior to the launch on the console.

That may mean driving more development toward appealing to console players, which means a trend toward more flexible gameplay, but I don’t consider that a bad thing. And it’s going to mean that there will be a lot of extra hurdles for the development team to jump through with the addition of the new platform, but that was always going to be the case.

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A look at Final Fantasy XIV’s new character creator

ffxiv charscreens epl 1023 A look at Final Fantasy XIVs new character creator

Do you want to learn more about FFXIV Gil ?

Final Fantasy XIV players already knew that the game’s character creator is being overhauled when the game’s relaunch goes live. Now, the development team at Square-Enix has finally given us a clearer picture of what to expect from the creator in A Realm Reborn with five new screens showing off some of the options within the new tool as well as the overall interface players will be experiencing. It’s not the full picture, but it’s enough for fans to start getting a feel for what’s on the way.

Several of the options appear to be returning from the current version of the game, while still others are being added or expanded (no doubt some players will be happy to see that a character’s bust size is now freely selectable, for example). The overall look is far more streamlined and straightforward compared to the current version. There’s no hint of new hairstyles, but you can take a look at the full preview in the gallery just below.


50 A look at Final Fantasy XIVs new character creator


I’m pretty interested in this, my friend was a corporate manager of Gamestop back in the day and scored a few alpha test spots. Needless to say the game was horrible and I’m a half glass full kind of guy. When the game released I decided to give it another shot…..


I swear they did nothing else to the game lol! It felt like I was playing the alpha test again! I only played half a day. The UI would take like 40 seconds to pop up and I hated the way you leveled up. You accepted a mission and had a time limit to get it done.


Have they changed that awful questing system? I’ve saw the new UI and it looks great but I have not ran across anything about the questing.


50 A look at Final Fantasy XIVs new character creator


I actually grew interested about FFXIV several months ago, picked up the game for like 5$ and decided to give it a try… The process to start an account and login to make characters was one of the most over-complicated messes I’ve seen in gaming to date.  Never ended up actually playing it, has the process been streamlined any?

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Preview seven – Classes

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 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Preview seven – Classes

Two weeks out from the August 27th release of FFXIV: ARR and I’m beginning to realize this may very well be one our last previews. We’ve covered character creation, battle systems, social aspects; leveling up and even an in depth look at the PlayStation 3 version. So, it’s far to say you’re nearly ready for your journey into Square Enix’s reborn land of Eorzea.

As we quickly approach release, it’s finally time we take a look at the classes throughout the realm. We’ve discussed how to swap between classes in our “leveling up” preview, but now it’s time to really outline what you can expect when setting out on your journey.

[   The Disciplines   ]

The first thing to note about the classes of Ezorea is the fact that they fall under one of four different disciplines. These include Disciples of the Hand (crafters) and Disciples of the Land (miners and harvesters). The other two are Disciples of Magic and Disciples of War, one for the spell weavers and the other for those that like to get physical.

Once you’ve chosen your discipline it’s time to dig into your choices of class. So where to begin? Why not start with top and work our way down, shall we?

[   Disciples of the Land   ]

We should note that Disciples of the Land actually work hand in hand with the Crafters of the Disciples of the Hand since Disciples of the Land harvest the materials that will need to be crafted. Classes in this Discipline include the Miner, Botanist, and the Fisher. The names alone should give you an indication as to what these individual classes have to offer. Those who choose to walk with the Disciples of the Land earn experience through their harvesting abilities, not from combat.

charapic 001 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Preview seven – Classes

[   Disciples of the Hand   ]

The Disciples of the Hand are, as I said, the crafters of Ezorea, playing an extremely vital role within the realm. Classes here include a wide variety including Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Carpenter, Weaver, Culinarian, Leatherworker, Armorer and the Alchemist. That’s a total of eight different classes under this particular discipline, all with their own unique ways of forging precious items for those engaging combat. Yes, that’s right, just like those who harvest, the crafters don’t earn their experience through battle. You may have guessed that they too level up through their abilities in their particular field.

238700 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Preview seven – Classes

[   Disciples of Magic   ]

Those walking the path of the spell caster know what to expect: dealing damage in battle or healing your party. No matter the route you choose under this discipline, you will be an essential part of any adventuring party. The Disciples of Magic only have three classes: the Conjurer, the Arcanist, and the Thaumaturge. Though they may only have three available choices, these classes do have the ability to lead to powerful jobs such as Summoner.

The individual classes do have some noticeable differences that may not be readily apparent through the titles alone. The Conjurer plays a vital role in party combat as they are designed to utilize healing spells and really keep the party alive as possible. Keeping a conjurer on hand in the back of your group will all but ensure you will survive the big encounters Eorzea has to offer.

Arcanists should still be relegated to the back of the party, but they are able to unleash a vast array of offensive spells. Through the usage of symbols of power they are able to wield great magic. It is also interesting to note that this particular class offers the ability to summon a familiar called the Carbuncle to help with an attack.

The Thaumaturge fits in the offensive category too, but they have a distinct difference from the Arcanist. Both should be situated in the back row during combat, and both posses the ability to throw powerful spells. The main difference here is that a Thaumaturge can also wield an assortment of curses and other player-affecting spells. Of course, just like the other Disciples of Magic, this class requires a strong and reliable support team.

400px Conjurer2 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Preview seven – Classes

[   Disciples of War   ]

Are you ready to charge head-first into battle? Then I suppose you already know which discipline you’ll be picking when you step in to A Realm Reborn. As you probably assumed, this specific discipline contains all the physically damaging classes. Only sporting a few more classes than the Disciples of Magic, the physical damage discipline includes the Gladiator, Marauder, Pugilist, Archer and the Lancer. All of these can transfer into jobs as well, such as the Dragoon.

While all of these choices share similarities, there are some subtle differences to consider before deciding on your initial class. First, it’s obvious if you want to deal ranged damage the Archer is your prime choice. The ability to regulate damage from a distance makes them a highly effective combatant on the battlefield.

The Marauder, Gladiator, Lancer and Pugilist all sit front and center in the enemies’ faces. These also feature some slight differences of note as well, like the fact that the Marauder is a tank that will focus on dealing short spurts of damage while healing. This is the heaviest armor class so it also makes perfect sense that they are designed to keep the opponents’ attention.

The Gladiator on the other hand is a master of wielding one-handed weapons, and also has the ability to protect your party.

The Lancer can frustrate his combatants through his barrage of attacks with his lance as he keeps himself just out of range.

Only one uses his fists though: the Pugilist. He also attacks front and center, but can self heal and evade incoming attacks for defense. This inherent ability to quickly maneuver away from incoming attacks also means lower armor, so be prepared to avoid damage at all cost.

400px Gladiator2 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Preview seven – Classes

[ Wrap Up ]

So will Square Enix deliver the Final Fantasy XIV that should have been released back in 2010? Will it surpass expectations? Well, by all indications and my own hands-on time, I can say the game looks to be in prime shape to reclaim a nice chuck of the MMO market. Time will tell, so make sure to stay tuned here at Exilic for our next Preview on the Jobs of Eorzea and all the latest MMO news, reviews and previews.

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You Can Open and Close Your Helmet’s Visor into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

FFXIV Headgear1 670x251 You Can Open and Close Your Helmet’s Visor into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornI have a rather big pet peeve in MMORPGs: I normally like how my character looks while wearing a helmet, but I also like to see his face. This normally brings me to do some rather awkward juggling with the “hide headgear” option, that not only is time consuming, but isn’t too realistic as well (helmets normally don’t disappear into thin air).The original helmet of the artifact armor for warriors in Final Fantasy XIV had its visor stuck in the raised position. Many warrior players (me included) pleaded with the development team to get a way to lower that visor in order make it look more imposing. Naoki Yoshida and his brave companions caved and implemented that option, then thought “why don’t we just let them do it with other helmets as well?”

And that’s exactly what they did, and today they officially announced the result: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will come with an emote (and an additional /visor chat command) that will let you raise and drop the visor of select helmet in the game. They also released screenshots that you can see above and below, illustrating how it’ll work. The feature will be introduced as early as the open beta.

I know, many will feel that it’s a small detail, but for roleplayers like me it’s quite the big deal. Come on, just how cool is that?

FFXIV Headgear2 670x251 You Can Open and Close Your Helmet’s Visor into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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World of Warcraft loses over a million subs since February

World of Warcraft's Algalon

The world’s most popular MMO has gotten a bit less popular in the last few months, it would seem. During today’s quarterly investor call, Activision-Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft’s subscriber numbers are down to 8.3 million. While that’s still nothing to thumb your nose at, it does represent a significant decline from the 9.6 million subscribers the game was reported to have last February.

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The game is going to need to do something revolutionary next expansion.  No more Daily Quest Grinds and 7-step raiding tier program and two-step PVP tier program.

MoP really only did more of the same, a new class, and balance issues, and more emphasis on storytelling.  Which is great, until you hit 90.

The same way that flying mounts made the game revolutionary with burning crusade, and lich king made progression fun, a new idea needs to come to life in WoW.  Perhaps Paragon Levels, Prestige Classes  (something D&D-like, say turns your current class into a Hero class, excluding death knights), player housing, global servers.. etc

One reason I can’t stand WoW anymore is I have like 7 groups of friends playing WoW, and they are all on different servers. And there is some limited cross-realm content, but we can’t do Arena… or RBGs.  And doing the same 40 daily quests every day is not entertaining in any way whatsoever.


Call me sado-masochistic, but the best times I had with WoW were back when you had to work for bloody ages for just a single epic item. Benediction quest anyone? About half-way through tBC they introduced the notion that you could get fully kitted out with some of the best gear, just by running a few instances for badges. Later on, during WotLK the entire concept of risk/reward simply disappeared altogether. Originally the game didn’t require the endless grinding of ‘dalies’ because consuming the existing content took so much longer. Dire Maul Tribute run? That was about 3 hours including preparation and travel. And it was bloody epic.

If something positive could come out of WoW losing subs, then maybe in the future they will bring back the concept that to get the rewards you need to put in the time and effort.

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